Join Us at AI Summit Singapore & Discover New RPA Possibilities

By any measure, RPA’s ability to increase a company’s efficiency, prevent errors, and cut costs is huge and growing. But how successfully a company actually uses RPA depends largely on the choices it makes.

Today, artificial intelligence is not only at the forefront of leading RPA solutions, but also at the heart of innovative tools that help companies streamline their processes for making RPA-related decisions.

To learn more about the intersection of AI and RPA – and about the ways today’s companies can improve their use of RPA by improving their decision-making processes – we invite you to join us at AI Summit Singapore on September 19-20th

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Join Us at the Finance Directors Exchange to Discover Process Discovery

How does Process Discovery change the landscape of automation for all types of businesses – and why does that matter for your company’s finances specifically?

With these questions in mind, we invite you to join us at this month’s Finance Director Exchange to learn more about RPA, Process Discovery, and how they can work together to optimize the efficiency of both technologies. The event will take place September 18-19 in Amsterdam, and we hope to see you there! 

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3 Surprising Ways RPA Can Make Your Office Feel More Human

For decades, there has been a major gap between the robots we dream of and the ones we actually use. While many of us love watching the classic examples from science fiction and even comedic shows and movies, today’s businesses are turning to robots that are far more practical, productive, profitable, and – let’s be honest – humorless. So it’s understandable that some people would expect automation to make offices feel a little colder and more sterile.

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[Webinar] Beyond Traditional RPA: Finding Your Call Center’s Untapped Potential

If you have read some of our previous blog posts on RPA and customer service, then you likely know what an asset automation can be for call centers. Instead of expecting your service representatives to focus on computer-based tasks while speaking with customers, you can let software robots guide these employees and lighten their workloads. This way, they can offer faster service, while also focusing more on creating a positive customer experience.

But how can you most effectively identify the right tasks to automate for your call center?

That is the focus of our upcoming live webinar, Beyond Traditional RPA: Finding Your Call Center’s Untapped Potential. We invite you to join us at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time on Wednesday, August 29th, to discover how innovative technology can help you streamline your approach to choosing which processes to automate (and in what order).

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Meet the Veteran RPA Executive Who Just Became Kryon's New CRO

We at Kryon are excited to welcome veteran business executive Richard French to his new role as our first-ever Chief Revenue Officer. Richard, who until recently served as the Chief Operating Officer of Automation Anywhere, plans to rapidly accelerate the worldwide growth we have already seen in 2018.

To read our press release, click here.

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How Kryon Helps You Build an RPA Center of Excellence – and Why That Matters

If you have started implementing RPA – or even if you have started considering automating some of your company’s tasks – it’s safe to assume you already know that software robots can make your business more efficient and more easily scalable.  But, there’s more to a complete RPA solution than software robots.

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5 Ways Process Discovery Makes RPA a Better Business Investment

If your company is not fully utilizing the potential of RPA – or you haven’t started implementing automation yet – what’s the main factor holding you back?

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Keep Calm and RPA: Join us in London at the 2nd Annual Intelligent Automation Financial Services

Intelligent automation is on 80% of C-level agendas and 66% of financial services expected to make significant investment in the next three years.  Join us at the 2nd Annual Intelligent Automation Financial Services conference in London, July 9th-11th, to discuss strategy and benchmarks for creating a clear, successful road map for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in financial services and insurance and hear how global industry leaders are revolutionizing their processes.

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Kryon Named a Strong Performer in RPA by Independent Research Firm, Cited for its Complete Solution and Strong Analytics Road Map

We are happy to announce that Kryon has been recognized as an RPA strong performer in the "The Forrester Wave™: Robotic Process Automation, Q2 2018", receiving the highest score possible in the “Innovation and Market Approach” and “Product Road Map and Differentiation” criteria.

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New Time-Based Triggers Help You Prevent Robots from Sitting Idle

Perhaps the first thing to know about RPA is that it is a technology designed to boost the efficiency of a wide variety of businesses. But how can we make RPA itself more efficient?

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