Why RPA is Good for Your Health

We have all heard the proverb that claims an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but have you heard about the one that goes: "RPA today keeps the headaches at bay?"

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RPA Offers Peace Mind from Catastrophic Human Error

Recent events bring the obvious to the forefront– it's a good idea to double check your employees' work.  British Airways could face £100m in compensation, additional customer care, and lost business resulting from a catastrophic IT meltdown that affected more than 1,000 flights and left 75,000 travelers stranded last month. A couple month's prior, significant portions of the Internet were crippled when part of Amazon’s Web Services experienced an hours-long outage. Within several hours, Amazon’s cloud service was back online, but not before costing S&P 500 companies $150 million and U.S. financial-service companies $160 million in lost revenue. The culprit in both cases? One employee's human error.

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Is Your Company on the List of Great Workplaces for Millennials? 

At 53.5 million strong, Millennials are on track to become the largest living generation in the U.S., and may make up 75% of the labor market by 2025. Organizations are drawn to them for their out-of-the-box thinking, innate understanding of all things social and digital, and ability to network. So what steps can organizations take to make sure they are on the list of great workplaces for Millennials?

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RPA is Knocking Telecom KPI Out of the Ballpark

Hitting a grand slam in the telecom world is no easy feat. In today's fiercly competitive ballgame, service providers are increasingly running up against reduced margins, high churn rates, dissatisfied customers, and diminishing ARPU- significantly impacting the profitability of their call centers and the bottom line.  So how can telecoms hope to meet, or better yet, increase their KPI targets? 

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