5 Ways Attended RPA Boosts Productivity and Sales in Insurance Contact Centers

The customer experience has become an increasingly important competitive differentiator for insurance companies. Because the contact center is the primary point of contact for many customers, it plays a key role in defining the customer's relationship with your brand, which inevitably impacts the profitability of the organization. A study by the CFI Group showed that nearly 61% of insurance customers who have had a bad contact center experience will consider switching companies, and 26% said they will definitely switch companies because of a bad contact center experience.

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Kryon Wins Prestigious Insurtech DIAmond Award for Strategic Impact

We are happy to announce that Kryon was recently awarded the Digital Insurance Agenda’s prestigious DIAmond award, reflecting the strategic impact our automation solutions have on the insurance and insurtech industries.

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How are RPA & AI creating new possibilities for insurance companies? Join us at DIA Munich to find out.

If you work in the insurance industry, you already know that new technologies are constantly creating new ways to improve customer service, efficiency, and reliability within companies like yours. And you probably know those trends bring with them fresh opportunities (for those insurance companies that make the most of these innovations), as well as an increased risk of getting left behind (for those that don’t). But do you know where RPA and AI fit into this ever-changing technological landscape?

With that question in mind, we invite you to join us at next week’s DIA Munich 2018, October 17th-18th

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RPA is Helping the Insurance Industry Beat the Talent Crisis by Doing the Boring Stuff

Let's face it, people don't exactly think of insurance as the most glamorous industry to work in. They tend to associate a job in insurance with their uncle Irving; who is boring, bespectacled and about a hundred years old.  So it doesn't come as any great surprise that the biggest trend influencing hiring and employment in the insurance industry is the generational shift that is taking place as so many current employees are rapidly reaching retirement age and Millennials are stepping in.

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Join Kryon and Asia's Top Insurers to Learn How RPA is Transforming Insurance

Join us at the Digital Transformation for Insurance Summit Asia in Singapore, December 5th and 6th  to explore the practical next steps towards digital maturity. Discover how Asia’s top insurers are turning to new technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to drive greater speed, efficiency, compliance and cost savings in their orgranizations. 

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Kryon Systems and MFX Partner to Bring Insurance-Specific Automation Services to the Industry

Kryon Systems is pleased to announce our new partnership with MFX to develop and deploy insurance-specific automation tools. The combination of MFX’s years of experience in providing digitalization services for insurance companies and Kryon’s cutting-edge RPA solutions will enable providers to embrace new automation capabilities and streamline operations. By working with insurers to bridge the gap between the capabilities of legacy systems, and the increased need for speed, flexibility, and customer support, MFX and Kryon will ensure that providers remain competitive in an ever-changing industry.

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RPA Providers to Insurers: We’ve Got You Covered!

The best insurance companies know that it takes more than just competitive prices to succeed; they also work hard to offer their customers versatile coverage options and superior customer service.  At Kryon, we’ve gone to great lengths to create an RPA platform that will help insurers accomplish each of these crucial objectives.  In familiar terms – we’ve got you covered!

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If billion-dollar savings isn’t enough, here are 5 more ways RPA is reviving the healthcare insurance industry

To say that the healthcare industry is drowning in a sea of paperwork is an understatement, particularly when it comes to healthcare insurance. From billings to submissions to actual claims, it appears the entire structure is built upon documentation.  With more than 3 billion healthcare claims filed each year, it comes as no surprise that improvement efforts are a top priority for healthcare insurance providers.

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Is Your Claims Processing Helping You Save Money and Retain Customers?

No? Well, robotic process automation (RPA) is helping leading insurance companies do just that.  And with the massive amount of document load in the industry only continuing to rise, RPA offers a much needed lifeline for insurers that are drowning in a sea of paperwork and inefficiency.

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