Performance Support Symposium 2014

Performance Support Symposium 2014 was a great success

Posted by Bibi on Sep 21, 2014 11:37:00 AM

We have just returned from the Performance Support Symposium 2014 in Boston and we are very excited to have participated in this important event. During the event we had the great pleasure to hold two discussion sessions in front of members from hundreds of organizations, who have already implemented or are about to implement performance support solutions within their organizations. During the sessions we covered the Do’s and Don’ts of Performance Support and presented various tools, tips and real life case studies.
It was interesting to have been exposed to the specific challenges that these organizations are currently facing. We definitely feel that we have a lot to contribute from our experience, as we have encountered some of these same challenges in a wide variety of organizations across the world.


Yanay Zaguri, Kryon’s Director of Product, explaining how to reduce cognitive load

Yanay Zaguri, Kryon’s Director of Product, explaining how to reduce cognitive load

The presentations from the sessions are currently available for download:
Session 105: Practical Principles for Developing Effective Performance Support Solutions
Session 701: Why Performance Support Projects Fail, and Why Yours Won’t

For those of you who attended our sessions and would like further information, you may find additional materials at:, or you may simply drop us an e-mail to and we will forward them right to you.

For those of you who missed our presentations or simply want to 'relive' the experience, you will be able to find our presentation materials or view a video recording of one of our sessions on the conference website.
I would like to thank the participants and the event organizers for this outstanding event, and I look forward to meeting you again at Performance Support Symposium 2015.

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