10 Ways Retailers Can Improve Customer Service [Infographic]

Posted by Francine Haliva on Dec 30, 2015 9:35:00 AM

In the retail industry, the call center is regarded as an extension of the storefront, increasing the access point to the customer.   And yet according to a recent Forrester report, when asked about their most recent call to a retailer's call center, only 73% of consumers said they were satisfied with the interaction, while 87% said they were satisfied with their most recent visit to a retail web site. These results suggest shortcomings in how retailers provide customer service, said Kerry Bodine, a vice president and principal analyst at Forrester

Every customer interaction in retail provides an opportunity to increase both revenue and customer loyalty, and in today's competitive environment, retailers need to make every interaction count. Retailers that want to improve their call center interactions, increase their Net Promoter Score, and grow ROI are turning to Performance Support technology. Performance Support offers real-time guidance and automation so that Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are able to perform at their best to provide better customer service. Whether the CSR is handling a customer service inquiry or processing a claim, the system provides exactly the right guidance at each step, in real time. Similar to a GPS, it knows exactly what the agent is doing and where they are in the process, and it responds with fast, accurate and actionable instructions or automation.

Here are 10 ways retailers can improve customer satisfaction and increase call center revenues with the help of Performance Support:


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