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Performance Support Symposium 2014 was a great success

We have just returned from the Performance Support Symposium 2014 in Boston and we are very excited to have participated in this important event. During the event we had the great pleasure to hold two discussion sessions in front of members from hundreds of organizations, who have already implemented or are about to implement performance support solutions within their organizations. During the sessions we covered the Do’s and Don’ts of Performance Support and presented various tools, tips and real life case studies.

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Kryon to Share Best Practices at Performance Support Symposium 2014

Great news! We are scheduled to participate at the Performance Support Symposium 2014 in Boston, Massachusetts, September 8 & 9.

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Don’t keep your customers waiting! How to provide immediate answers to customer questions

“Can I put you on hold for just a minute?”… If there are questions that customers calling a contact center despise, this is surely at the top of the list. You see, customers know that the problem that lies behind this question is the fact that the CSR simply doesn’t know the answer to the question that he/she was asked.

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Selling Performance Support: Building Stakeholder Buy-in. A free white paper by Marc Rosenberg.

“The potential for performance support has never been greater. But selling performance support, especially if it is new to the organization, comes with unique challenges…”

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How can contact centers cope with employee turnover?

Contact centers around the world experience exceptionally high attrition rates.
According to Response Design Corporation, in 2009 contact center’s employee turnover has reached 26%.
A more recent study, from 2011 showed attrition rates of 21%, while noting that these rates are constantly rising. Of course these numbers vary by sector, region, and the classification of the employee (e.g. turnover for part-time employees are approximately 33% annually).

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Common contact center CSR mistakes and how to avoid them

Let’s face it, being a contact center CSR is not an easy job. Agents must be extremely proficient in the wide variety of workflow processes, call scripts, protocols, offerings, deal with multiple complex systems, and engage with customers, all at the same time. With so much on their plates, they are bound to make errors on a daily basis. After all, these are humans, not robots right? Well, in this blog post we will see how contact centers can reduce these “human mistakes” with “robot-like” automation and real-time guidance.

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Go Performance Support

Do you find it hard to understand or explain what Performance Support is all about?

Why any organization needs Performance Support, desktop guidance and automation?
When is the right time for your organization to add Performance Support?
What should you expect from your selected Performance Support solution?

We made this infographics to help your better understand and explain it in your organization.
Click here to download the PDF version.

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