Is Your Property Management System Actually Harming Your Hotel’s Profitability?

You got the message loud and clear: To be successful, hospitality companies must invest in technology.  In response, you tossed aside your papers and pens and adopted the best Property Management System (PMS) to meet your hotel's needs.  So why aren't you seeing the results you expected?

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Do THIS to Radically Improve Your Call Center Agents' Performance

Only 19 percent of customers are satisfied with the service they receive on the phone from support contact centers.  

(Source: Forrester Consulting, EMEA 2011 Consumer Preference Report – Contact Centers)

Let's take a moment to let this sad statistic sink in

And yet, despite a high level of dissatisfaction, 80 percent of people surveyed responded that speaking with a support agent is still their preferred channel of communication.

So what do today's customers expect from support call centers?

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10 Ways to Help Your Team Perform Better

As managers we look at KPI (key performance indicators) to measure how well our teams are doing compared to the targets set for them.  Yet rarely is every member of the team performing at, or even better, above expectations.  So how can you help your team to perform better?  We've listed our Top 10 ways below:

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Losing Money on Employee Training? Performance Support to the Rescue

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

"I know we learned it, but I forgot" -S. Smith, new hire

"We ran out of time and the instructor said it was okay because that issue didn't come up very often" -L. Johnson, new hire

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