10 Things to Consider for a Successful Application Rollout [Infographic]

The right enterprise software has the potential to transform your business if implemented properly, but as we've previously discussed, deploying a new system in your organization can be a terrifying experience.  All too often, the focus lies on the initial decision for which system will be selected and the end results of the implementation project are overlooked. The initial enthusiasm about all the time and cost savings the solution will provide is soon swapped by the scary realization you now need to rethink and address each and every routine and individual need that will be affected by the change. 

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Losing Money on Employee Training? Performance Support to the Rescue

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

"I know we learned it, but I forgot" -S. Smith, new hire

"We ran out of time and the instructor said it was okay because that issue didn't come up very often" -L. Johnson, new hire

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Why Performance Improvement Doesn't Happen After Change

You followed all the steps of a well thought-out and carefully designed change management plan: Business goals were identified, change-related fears were alleviated, management took charge, the changes were implemented, and employees were well-trained. So why aren't you seeing performance improvement?

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Take the stress out of your new application rollout

Let's face it; deploying a new system in your organization can be terrifying. A CRM or ERP application rollout involves customizing a standard application to meet and automate the unique needs of an organization - typically changing almost every aspect of the business processes and wreaking havoc on the status quo. Pitfalls lurk in every corner but often involve things like loss of productivity during the training period, management unable to provide the promised resources, key performance indicators (KPIs) and deadlines being missed, and fearful employees refusing or unable to adopt the new business application you want them now to use.

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