Performance Support: The Best Tool to Improve Hotel Operations and Maximize Revenues [Webinar]

Have you recently implemented a property management system, but aren't seeing the results you expected?  We've identified 3 key reasons:

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3 Tips Successful Franchisors Use for Building Winning Franchises

For better or worse, change is inevitable.  Change is required for people and business alike.  How we face the demands and challenges presented during a change process impact our immediate outcome and our approach to the next set of changes.  When in doubt, we turn to our leaders and mentors for answers and encouragement. Having support and guidance during the process improves the results.

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7 Tips to Improve Service Quality at Your Hotel

A hotel that is truly striving to build a “world-class” service culture will make every effort to develop service standards that emphasize exceptional service for every customer. One of the key factors that separate good service from truly exceptional service is consistency.  Consistency means repeatable. A successful hotel general manager needs to be confident that in any given situation, the hotel staff knows how to respond and act appropriately. Whether it’s in the morning or afternoon or evening, whether it’s a weekend or a weekday, rain or shine, and regardless of whom happens to be working that day.

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Topics: Employee training, customer service, Operations, Hotel Operations

3 Challenges that Keep Hotel Managers Up at Night

If you think a hotel manager's job is just about looking good in a suit and exchanging witty banter with guests and staff – you may have watched too many episodes of Gilmore Girls.  Running a hotel is a 24 hour-a-day, 365 day-a-year demanding job; one that requires vast amounts of leadership, organization, and problem-solving skills to make a guest's stay pleasant and comfortable, while making sure that the hotel is profitable and efficient.

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