3 Ways to Win the eCommerce Customer Service Battle

Now, more than ever, online retailers need a knight in shining armor in the call center. Online shoppers expect competitive prices, easy payment options, quick delivery and free returns, but the real differentiator is customer service. So much so, that a whopping 91 percent leave following a poor customer service experience and 89 percent will run straight into the arms of your competitors. 

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3 Tips Successful Franchisors Use for Building Winning Franchises

For better or worse, change is inevitable.  Change is required for people and business alike.  How we face the demands and challenges presented during a change process impact our immediate outcome and our approach to the next set of changes.  When in doubt, we turn to our leaders and mentors for answers and encouragement. Having support and guidance during the process improves the results.

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The One Thing Missing at Your POS Terminal to Increase Sales

Improving customer service can have a dramatically positive impact on a retailer's bottom-line. The happier consumers are; the more brand's benefit.  Exactly how significant is the customer experience? Let's take a look:

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Give Your Customers More Reasons to Shop In-Store This Holiday Season

'Tis the season to be jolly and yet shopping during the holidays can turn even the merriest soul into Ebenezer Scrooge.  The very idea of holiday shopping conjures up images of crowds of crazed shoppers, the feeling of stress about what presents to buy for family and friends, and the innate knowledge of bad purchasing decisions that will be made because of the rushed, pressure-filled atmosphere. 

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