5 Tips to Implementing Attended RPA: Forrester's Guide to Doing It Right

5 Tips to Implementing Attended RPA: Forrester's Guide to Doing It Right

Posted by Julie Shafiki on Sep 18, 2019 6:50:51 AM

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is opening up new opportunities across the business world – with its ability to deliver efficiencies and eliminate some of the more repetitive and manual tasks.

And the power of RPA is not just a matter of cost savings.

RPA has the potential to free up employees so they can focus on the types of work that enhance the customer experience. But at present, this can be hard to achieve.

That’s because the design, support, and scale of “attended bots” – bots that interact with humans in real time, i.e., the kind of bots most likely to impact the customer experience – is still a work in progress.

Forrester’s recent report, Attended-Mode RPA: The Differences You Need to Know provides important insights into top use cases for attended RPA and pointers on how best to go about implementing this technology successfully.  


Forrester’s Key Takeaways

  • While some use cases for attended RPA are money savers, others improve the customer experience. Focus on the latter.
  • RPA can expand the capabilities of chatbots so they can assist customers much more effectively.
  • With attended RPA – it can be harder to “get it right.”


Here are Forrester’s top 5 tips for successful attended-mode RPA implementation:

  1. Stay Focused on Customer Satisfaction
  2. Use Attended Bots in the Front Office
  3. Understand What Makes Attended RPA Harder
  4. Assess the Challenges of Scale
  5. Choose a Vendor with the Right Roadmap

Download the report for a deeper dive into making attended RPA work for your business.

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