6 Questions for Setting-up an RPA Center of Excellence in Your Organization [Infographic]

Posted by Francine Haliva on Feb 16, 2017 4:05:30 PM

As organizations move forward in their RPA journey, they are giving greater thought as to how to set priorities, create a strategy map, standardize procedures, and collect best practices for business process improvement. A Center of Excellence (CoE) provides visibility in the company about advantages of implementing robotic process automation, and helps the idea catch on in areas that might otherwise be resistant to change.

A strong, well-managed CoE will take care of important elements that are often overlooked in the rush to achieve tactical benefits, such as standards, service levels, and process ownership and governance. Since RPA typically involves enterprise-wide deployment, issues such as who owns a business process can be complicated, as processes can move across single departments to multiple divisions across the organization. In these type of instances, a dedicated CoE goes a long way to set guidelines and facilitate collaboration.

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The success of a CoE, like the success of the RPA implementation itself, hinges on careful opportunity assessment that leads to manageable, actionable recommendations that will help address immediate operational needs and incrementally improve the operational performance of the organization.

Download our infographic Setting-up an RPA CoE: 6 Essential Questions to Consider to learn how to build a center of excellence that will deliver on your automation goals and effectively leverage robotic process automation within your organization:


Download a copy of this infographic!


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