A Hybrid World Calls for Kryon’s Hybrid RPA

Posted by Francine Haliva on Jun 7, 2017 9:37:17 AM

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Hybrid RPA solution that will pave the way for enterprise digital transformation with the introduction of the collaborative human-robot workforce of the future. At Kryon Systems, we recognized that providing a true end-to-end solution required a team effort - between the robots and humans.  We call our new approach “Hybrid RPA.” From cars to mobile apps, hybrid technologies offer organizations the means to gain increasing flexibility and scalability that is the hallmark of the hybrid concept. Kryon’s Hybrid RPA lends this same concept to your business processes. 

Traditional RPA enables repetitive, rules-based tasks to be offloaded to a robotic (software) workforce for execution on virtual machines, where they will be processed more efficiently and with greater accuracy than if done manually.  However, such tasks generally represent only a small portion of the end-to-end business process.  Using Kryon’s unique Hybrid RPA solution, these same benefits can be reaped throughout the entire business process regardless of whether a person or robot is executing the task. Furthermore, Kryon’s solution enables tasks to be passed back and forth between the two workforces with full visibility to create a collaborative interaction between human and virtual workers.  The result is a genuine end-to-end solution that will create a truly unified workforce comprised of people and robots that maximizes efficiency, scalability, and flexibility.

With Kryon’s new Hybrid RPA solution, people can initiate processes and then seamlessly pass tasks within the process, to a robot for action as needed. The robot will then execute the process and notify the employee of the status of the task on a personal desktop queue. This expedited offloading process allows the employee to concentrate on higher-level, creative, more strategic tasks that are a better fit for people. Once the robot has successfully executed the offloaded task, the person will be notified instantly and can continue the next step in process if/as needed.

 “At Kryon Systems, we recognize that business processes are comprised of tasks that are executed by workers in multiple departments, each delivering output to the next. Our Hybrid RPA solution is the first of its kind in the market, offering a truly integrated human-virtual workforce where the virtual team is treated as an integral member of the organization and all the tasks in the process benefit from RPA regardless of whether they are executed by a robot or a person,” said Harel Tayeb, CEO of Kryon Systems.

Enterprise automation is a young but thriving industry, and RPA is quickly gaining traction as a critical tool priming businesses to succeed in an ever-competitive landscape and empowering employees to optimize their work output. Current RPA solutions, even ones that claim “end-to-end” services, still require a relatively high level of manual interaction within the processes being carrying out by RPA, such as ferrying tasks from one specific system to the next. Many processes ripe for automation are composed of multiple steps, sometimes hundreds, so while automation of individual tasks may save time, it still requires a level of manual effort at other points in the process.

“A great illustration of Hybrid RPA in action is for Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process in banking, which typically involves hundreds of steps, some of which can be easily automated and some which require a more hands-on approach,” continued Tayeb. “With our new solution, human and virtual employees cooperate to complete processes in the most efficient way possible, creating more satisfied employees, happier customers, and a stronger business.”

To find out more about Kryon's Hybrid RPA and how it can benefit your organization, please schedule a demo or visit the Kryon Systems website.

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