CIO Advisor Recognizes Kryon for Excellence in RPA Solutions

Posted by Francine Haliva on Sep 28, 2017 11:43:19 AM

It's been an amazing year so far in 2017...and we're not done yet! Kryon Systems is delighted to announce that we have been recognized for "exhibiting excellence in delivering Robotic Process Automation solutions for the Asia-Pacific region" by CIO Advisor's October 2017 RPA Special Edition. Check out our cover story!

Even better than seeing our name up there in digital ink and our proud CEO's mile-wide smile, is the confirmation that business leaders in the Asia-Pacific region are recognizing the inevitable need for digital transformation to make their businesses more connected and efficient.  In fact, according to the latest market research reports, the robotic process automation market for APAC is expected to grow at the highest rate among all regions between 2017 and 2022. 

This year we took APAC by storm, starting with the showcase of our intelligent RPA solution at Innovfest Unbound in Singapore that was attended by over 10,000 people that were excited to discover the benefits of RPA to improve operational performance and enterprise-wide process execution. Following which we were proud sponsors of the first ever RPA summit in Asia, where we were thrilled to announce the launch of our revolutionary  hybrid automation solution that paves the way for the true collaborative human-robot workforce of the future.

We want to reinvent the RPA market and its solutions. I believe that the leader in the RPA market will be that company that can establish a seamless environment where we harness technology to un-invent the business process. This is our vision.

-Harel Tayeb, Kryon Systems' CEO

Getting ranked among the top vendors in APAC will definitely accelerate our process of further expanding our geographical reach in the region, starting with our decision to open a branch office in Singapore. This award validates the hard work we do to constantly enhance our efforts and address the needs of our customers that enables them to achieve operational excellence and exceptional service delivery.

To find out more about Kryon's RPA solution and how it can benefit your organization, please schedule a demo or visit the Kryon Systems website. Better yet, come meet us in person at one of our upcoming events!

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