CIO Review Names Kryon Systems in Top 20 Most Promising Robotics Solution Providers

Posted by Francine Haliva on Jun 29, 2016 6:28:19 AM

Needless to say, we are proud and overjoyed to be named in the top "20 Most Promising Robotics Solution Providers 2016," by CIO Review's June 2016 Robotics Special Edition.  Even better than seeing our name up there in digital ink (on page 15 for those of you who are looking), is the confirmation that business leaders are recognizing the inevitable need for digital transformation in corporate strategy to make their businesses more connected and efficient. 

The just-released robotics issue proclaims that, “Robotic technology is on the cusp of a revolution” and you don't want to be the one to be left behind! Beyond the popular misconception that robots will steal our jobs and take over the world, robotics solutions are addressing today's fast-shifting landscape and business challenges for higher performance, faster times to market, and greater flexibility of service. 

CIO Review emphasizes that the presence of robots allows organizations to automate repetitive business processes and workflows, with significant advantages that include:  increased speed and productivity, reduced errors, and cost-effectiveness, while freeing up valuable human resources. As Jeevan George, CR Managing Editor,  explains "The presence of functionality-rich robotics solutions bring in a hope for a future where enterprises would be able to completely automate redundant tasks to avoid wastage of human labor and instead, direct it toward productive and revenue-generating avenues."

We couldn't agree more.  If you would kindly click to page 38 of the CIO Review, you will find an in-depth interview with Bibi Rosenbach, Kryon Systems' CEO, that defines our commitment to assisting organizations realize their business objectives with Leo.  Leo is a multi-faceted digital workforce transformation platform that provides a cost-effective answer to efficient process execution – whether supporting IT automation efforts (Robotic Process Automation) or the business user (Desktop Automation).  

As the way we work and conduct business continues to evolve, Kryon Systems looks forward to delivering innovative tools and capabilities to make digital transformations faster and easier.   

Watch this short video to see how Leo Robots can rapidly deliver the next wave of productivity, efficiency, and accuracy and flexibility to your organization.



Kryon Systems is committed to assisting organizations realize their key performance indicators (KPI) by providing performance improvement solutions which support both the end-user and IT automation efforts alike.  To this end, we offer a comprehensive solution to the business user in the form of Leo Performance Support as well as a cost-effective answer to efficient process execution with Leo Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

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