Kryon Fast Tracks Telco's Employee Onboarding and training

Critical Processes in the Coronavirus Era:  In a Matter of Hours, Global Telco Contact Center Relocated to a Different Continent

Posted by Ryan Moss on Mar 30, 2020 11:04:14 AM

Kryon Fast Tracks Employee Onboarding and Training with Attended Automation 

As Coronavirus causes chaos everywhere, one of Kryon’s customers - a large global telecommunications company - had to close an outsourced contact center located in the Philippines with almost no notice, and subsequently needed to transfer the relevant skills and knowledge to their US-based contact center teams immediately. Implementation of remote Attended Automation processes meant they were up and running within a couple of hours.  I talk about it in more detail in the video here (15 mins).

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Automation is one of the most valuable technologies available to keep your teams working effectively from home and your business running smoothlyThere are real ramifications to having a “WFH” teamUndoubtedly, they will require either fast onboarding or remote training.  

Here are two key examples of how automation can make all the difference in getting new employees on board and trained remotely so that they can progress with their work successfully and productively. 

1. Employee Onboarding  FasterEasier and Less Expensive  

For many organizations, the onboarding process requires a good deal of manual labor, and for organizations now working with a WFH team, this can be particularly challenging. Kryon’s Full-Cycle Automation makes the entire onboarding process much, much easier and much faster.  

You can onboard new employees with the “Guide Me” and “Bubbles” capabilities of Kryon’s attended robots by quickly and easily walking employees through the necessary processesThe attended robots simplify complex onboarding and provide your team with step-by-step support.  

2. Remote Automated Training  Bring Employees Up to Speed Fast 

Training programs for new or existing employees are always important. But how do you quickly train staff when everyone’s working from home? And how do you seamlessly transfer knowledge to new teams to facilitate their rapid deployment, as was the case with our telecommunications customer mentioned earlier? 

Kryon’s robots guide trainees through all types of courses, enabling them to complete them at their own speed.  The assistance doesn't stop there, as the attended bot is then available for each employee to help with their day-to-day tasks on an as-needed basis.  With the ramifications of the Coronavirus, there is a huge spike in the need to train employees on additional types of transactions with zero learning time available.  Kryon's attended robots make this a smooth transition for the employee, while ensuring the customer experience is not negatively impacted.

Contact us - we now have a dedicated business-critical automation team available 24/7 to advise, support, develop and install industry-compliant robotic process automation for you quickly and accurately wherever you are. You can also take our new  Full Cycle Automation Journey course.




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