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Expand Your RPA Skill Set at the New Kryon Academy

Posted by Francine Haliva on Sep 18, 2018 3:02:05 PM

With RPA becoming increasingly widespread within virtually every business field, today knowing how to work with automation is a skill set that is more in demand than ever before. That’s why we’re happy to announce that today we launched the Kryon Academy, a rich online library of training materials covering both RPA in general and Kryon’s RPA tools specifically.

To read our full press release on the Kryon Academy, click here.

For Kryon customers, the Academy is a valuable tool for learning how to use our automation capabilities to achieve your company’s goals – while for RPA developers it offers a new opportunity to acquire sought-after skills in order to create new possibilities for career advancement. For all types of users, it’s available for free.

The Kryon Academy offers comprehensive, flexible, and intuitive courses that can be completed anytime, anywhere, and at each user’s own pace. With plenty of examples and step-by-step demonstrations showing how to use Kryon with common computer applications, the Academy offers practical information that users can implement easily. After completing a course, each user can receive an official certificate from Kryon, showcasing their expertise.

The courses currently offered include:

  • Quick Introduction to Kryon, which gives you an overview of our intelligent RPA offering.
  • Kryon RPA Developer Introduction, which covers the basics of how to use Kryon’s RPA tools to create and fine-tune automated workflows.
  • Using Advanced Commands, which teaches you how to use the Kryon Studio’s drag-and-drop visual interface to add your choice of over 200 advanced commands – allowing you to make smarter, more complex automated workflows.
  • Best Practices for Automation, which walks you through the various stages of RPA development, giving you valuable lessons gleaned from the experience of Kryon’s RPA developers.
  • Choose Your Workflow, a guide to identifying the work processes best suited for RPA.

In addition, be sure to check back frequently, as fresh material will be added each week.

In short, whether you’re a businessperson (with or without a technical background) or you’re an RPA developer looking to acquire highly sought-after skills, the Kryon Academy is full of learning opportunities designed to meet your needs.

Ready to start (or continue) expanding your knowledge of RPA, Kryon’s platform, and how you can use our tools to help your business? Click here to sign up for the Kryon Academy. 

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