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Five Reasons Why Kryon Should Be a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for RPA

Posted by Harel Tayeb on Jul 29, 2021 5:17:07 AM

Market demand for RPA is hotter than ever. Kryon is proud to be one of the 18 vendors included on the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation. While Gartner has positioned our company as one of the top RPA vendors, our vision, innovation, citizen developer/ business user orientation, and outstanding customer satisfaction are what make Kryon a leader and visionary in the RPA market. Not the Gartner graph.

Here are five reasons why Kryon is truly a Leader in RPA, based on real-world criteria.

1.   Kryon is True to Our Vision.

We are particularly proud of our ability to execute on our core mission, values, and strategy of out-innovating our competitors and growing organically. We have never wavered in executing our vision for the future of work, in which human workers and bots collaborate seamlessly to be more productive.

According to Gartner: “Kryon has embraced the idea of integrating process discovery and task mining with RPA to support scaled automation programs. The process discovery component recommends the best path for customers seeking to execute a process, and even optimizes it. Kryon’s focused value proposition resonates with buyers looking to simplify and accelerate the development and management of an automation program.”

It’s worth noting that Gartner lacks a Quadrant for Process Discovery or Process Mining. In fact, Gartner needs to be looking at what real automation is all about, which is a seamless combination of process discovery, process mining, automation and analytics, as a complete and comprehensive solution.


 2.   Our Innovation Sets the Standard for the Industry.

Kryon has a track-record of disruptive innovation. Throughout our entire history we have led the industry in new, game-changing directions while our competitors followed suit. We disrupted the market with attended automation coupled with guidance capabilities, and we continue to provide superior value to our customers in this domain. Back in 2018, we pioneered Process Discovery, changing the way automation is done while solving one of the largest barriers to widespread RPA adoption. We continue to innovate in this space by pushing the boundaries of accuracy and scalability with real-time Process Discovery. Finally, Full-Cycle Automation – a single, unified platform for all automation needs - has proven to generate unprecedented impact for our customers by dramatically accelerating time to production. If this is not ‘out-innovate’, then we don’t know what is.

Our customers come from virtually every industry on the planet. We’ve done more to help organizations across every industry, from banking, insurance, telcos, healthcare, travel, energy and more, to solve real-world problems quickly and easily.


 3.   We Deliver on the Promise of Scalability.

More and more customers are adopting Process Discovery to identify and map processes across the entire organization. But the next crucial step in enterprise-wide bot deployment is the ability to scale. Many vendors have made empty promises, but only Kryon offers the ability to scale up quickly to handle a surge in automation demand. Our Full-Cycle Automation Suite empowers businesses to quickly orchestrate a virtual workforce for maximum productivity. Our approach delivers real value, especially in these times where employees are working remotely. One example of this ability to scale is our award-winning V-Bot, an off-the-shelf automation tool that helped healthcare organizations in Israel automate the scheduling of hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 vaccine appointments in a matter of days.


4.   Business Users Are the Engine for a Real
Citizen-Developer Economy.

At Kryon, we do one thing better than anyone: we cater to the business user. We help them solve problems and achieve breakthrough productivity, and we can prove it with the best ROI Statistics based on the Forrester TEI report (352%) and the industry’s highest Net Promoter Score – say hello to a 74.4 earned in July 2021 (but more about that later)!

As more companies rely on their line-of-business managers and citizen developers to deploy automation projects, the evaluation process for bringing this technology into a company is evolving. In fact, Gartner predicts that the near-future model for automation adoption in the enterprise will be led by line-of-business managers, such as heads of Finance or HR, and merely supported by IT. Gartner predicts that due to low-code software, 41% of enterprise employees outside of the IT organization--i.e., business users--will customize business applications.

With advances in RPA-as-a-service and low-code software, RPA integration, dependence on the IT department for assistance will become minimal. A game-changing RPA solution needs to strengthen citizen developers, including ease-of-use, increased scalability, fast time-to-deployment and low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


5.   The World’s Largest Enterprises Trust Kryon.

Global 2000 companies such as AIG, Allianz, Capgemini, EY, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, LTCG, Santander Bank, Tesco, Visma|Raet, Verizon, and Wyndham Hotel Group all rely on Kryon for large-scale automation implementations. Many of them chose Kryon over UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism or Microsoft. Their vote of confidence proves that we are leaders because these companies have their business at stake when selecting a vendor. Their selection criteria focus on choosing a trusted partner whose vision, strategy and execution align with scalability, TCO, and an immediate impact on their business. They need a solution that will take them forward into the future.


Kryon is proud to be making such a significant impact in the RPA market. Forrester, HfS, Zinnov, and other major analysts have already recognized our leadership. Will Gartner get there? Maybe. We know we’ve got our eye on our customers. We remain determined to continue on our winning path to execute our vision for the future of RPA.


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