Will the real process discovery vendor please stand up

Gooooood Morning Automation Anywhere! Will the REAL Process Discovery Vendor Please Stand Up!

Posted by Harel Tayeb on Feb 21, 2020 3:00:00 PM

Congratulations Automation Anywhere. Your announcement about ‘the world's ‘first’ integrated process discovery solution’ is great news for the RPA industry. You have finally understood the market’s move towards Full-Cycle Automation. However, you’re a little late to the party.

We all agree that RPA has created a loud buzz in global media and the analyst community. Moreover, huge investments are being injected into the multiple vendors, which has forced them to show progress and react to the changes in the market.  

But customers are disappointed - and rightly so. RPA vendors have long been over-promising and under-delivering to customers leading to articles about the untimely death of RPA, and reports of unsuccessful RPA projects.

And here’s why. At a glance, yesterday’s announcement from Automation Anywhere is no different than claims made by UiPath and Blue Prism: Process Discovery is, in fact, the differentiator between a fully deployed, scalable automation endeavour, and a failed one. 

But aren’t we just sick and tired of companies promising the moon while all they can really deliver is an inflated press release or a fancy conference? 

So, here’s the REAL BREAKING NEWS. The market already has a real process discovery tool that delivers immediate value and a clear ROI.  It’s existed since June 2018, and has enabled numerous enterprises to grow their RPA projects at scale and across every department. In fact, the market already has full-cycle automation.

If we take a closer look at Automation Anywhere’s offering, their ‘Discovery Bot’ doesn’t discover any processes. It is a visual process recorder which needs to be manually activated and analysed by the user. That's nice, but Kryon did this 4 years ago. In fact, this week we released our 19.5 version which continues to bring tangible value for our customers.  We encourage Automation Anywhere, UIPath and Blue Prism to read it and follow.

Kryon Process Discovery(TM)  is already in production. It works seamlessly with RPA, identifying and mapping entire enterprises, but most importantly provides a valuable baseline for process execution.  Our technology is based on patented computer vision and uses true AI. The robot working in the background silently identifies and visualizes ALL business processes automatically, so there is a continuous discovery of processes. 

And because we've been doing this for so long, we have a proven track record with leading brands including Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, LTCG and many more. All the leading analyst firms have recognized Kryon as the pioneer and leader in Process Discovery - See resources section below. 

So, sit down 'Big 3'. The bottom line is, none of you actually do Process Discovery. None of you enable 5x faster time-to-automation, together with analytics and seamless, direct deployment to RPA in a single, unified platform. Only Kryon has Full-Cycle Automation.

Please stop disappointing customers. Let's stop damaging the reputation of RPA. 

And here’s my challenge to you. Show everyone your process identification, process mapping and developing and, finally, execution in real time.

You decide which environment (cloud or on-premise) and which analyst will oversee the challenge. Let's see who can really deliver. 

If you're a disappointed customer, or want to start the RIGHT way,
request your demo for Process Discovery now

More Resources: 

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What your peers say 
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What real customers say
‘After running Process Discovery, the Kryon system reported that Wyndham could reduce the duration of the process by 50%’. Scott Strickland, CIO Wyndham Hotels and Resorts.  Read the case study, watch the 2 minute video or listen to the webinar with IRPAA

‘Process Discovery Gives Us A Framework And Outline On How To Make Automation Work From End-To-End’ Justin Kruse, Operations Consultant, LTCG. Read the full review

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