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Citrix RPA: Here’s Why Kryon Is Your Best RPA Solution for Citrix Automation

Posted by Francine Haliva on May 17, 2018 8:01:37 AM

While artificial intelligence might sound like an impressively cutting-edge technology, what really matters for businesses is how well AI can streamline their processes and create new opportunities. And for many companies looking to implement robotic process automation (RPA) today – in a business environment in which 99 percent of Fortune 100 companies and 98 percent of Fortune 500 companies use Citrix solutions – the ability to use robotic process automation with Citrix is one of the most practical applications of AI.

Whether or not your company is on the Fortune 500, if you are looking to automate business processes and you use Citrix (or may use Citrix in the future), it’s important to find an RPA solution that is compatible enough with Citrix to meet your needs. As the market leaders in using artificial intelligence to automate processes on Citrix, we at Kryon understand what a critical factor this can be for many companies looking to increase their efficiency, reduce human error, and cut costs through RPA.

Why is this compatibility so important? And why aren’t all RPA solutions fully compatible with Citrix automation?

In a sense, what makes Citrix’s tools so powerful for businesses is exactly what makes them so challenging for many RPA solution providers.  

Citrix enables businesses to centrally host applications and resources delivered to mobile and desktop clients - allowing users to remotely access programs, documents, and even an entire virtual desktop from a cloud and display this information on their own screens. It’s not hard to see how this can be helpful for business users: for instance, if you use one computer at your office but you prefer to travel with a lighter laptop, you may log in with Citrix on your travel PC and have immediate access to all your files and software as you would on your regular work computer.

But for companies looking to automate processes through RPA, Citrix automation can present some major hurdles. Since it allows your computer to display data stored in a cloud – and since it runs based on interactions between multiple machines – you can’t simply integrate an RPA solution with the software you access through Citrix as you could if this software were stored on a single desktop or laptop computer.

As a result, an RPA solution’s ability to work with Citrix depends on its ability to process visual information. Fortunately, overcoming that challenge is one area where Kryon shines.

How Image and Character Recognition Make a Difference

For Kryon, the goal isn’t just to offer an RPA solution that is fully compatible with Citrix – we make a point of ensuring that our solution is fully platform-agnostic. At the heart of this approach is our AI-powered image recognition (IMR) and optical character recognition (OC) technology, which enables our robots to interact with any software without requiring integrations. (But keep in mind that our robots can also be integrated with a wide variety of software, if that kind of integration better meets your needs.)

With five patents for IMR and OCR – the most of any RPA solution – Kryon enables robots to process visual information more reliably than any competing technology. As a result, our robots have performed thousands of different automated tasks on Citrix. And rather than getting thrown off by visual changes such as when an object moves or is resized on screen, our robots mimic the way a human reads visual information – turning Citrix from an RPA hurdle into the convenient platform it’s meant to be.

But IMR and OCR are just the beginning. What really matters is offering you a convenient, time-saving, and user-friendly solution, from start to finish. That’s where Kryon Studio comes in.

Using Kryon Studio, you can easily record a process to be automated, simply by performing it on your computer – whether you’re using Citrix or any other web- or desktop-based software. And once you’ve recorded a process, you (or a colleague) can add advanced commands to fine-tune the automation and make it run exactly as it should.

The Bottom Line for Your Business?

Kryon offers you an unmatched ability to automate processes on Citrix. With artificial intelligence-powered technologies for processing visual information, Kryon works just as well with this popular platform as with basic desktop or web software. And with the intuitive Kryon Studio, recording an automated process on Citrix can be as easy as performing it yourself.

In other words, although you may turn to Citrix when you’re not at home, your Kryon robot will be fully at home with Citrix RPA.

Ready to discover how Kryon RPA makes it easy to automate processes, whether on Citrix or on any other platform? Schedule a live demo and see for yourself! 

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