How are RPA & AI creating new possibilities for insurance companies? Join us at DIA Munich to find out.

Posted by Francine Haliva on Oct 10, 2018 11:14:58 AM

If you work in the insurance industry, you already know that new technologies are constantly creating new ways to improve customer service, efficiency, and reliability within companies like yours. And you probably know those trends bring with them fresh opportunities (for those insurance companies that make the most of these innovations), as well as an increased risk of getting left behind (for those that don’t). But do you know where RPA and AI fit into this ever-changing technological landscape?

With that question in mind, we invite you to join us at next week’s DIA Munich 2018, October 17th-18th

You’ll have the chance to learn about how the combination of robotic process automation and artificial intelligence can help today’s insurance companies streamline work processes, prevent potentially costly mistakes, cut costs, offer a better customer experience, and increase their profits.

Mark your calendars: Don't miss the following speaking engagement!

Wednesday, October 17, at 9:40 am – Introducing Kryon: A Unique Combination of AI and RPA to Make Life Easier When It Comes to Insurance Processes

Presented by: Darius Heisig, General Manager EMEA at Kryon, and Raanan Yogev, VP of Product

Kryon offers both flexible RPA solutions known for their ease of use and Kryon Process Discovery™, the only solution created by an RPA company that automatically identifies automatable work processes. Join us to discover how these solutions work together to empower insurance companies to optimize their efficiency, reliability, customer service, and profits. Darius and Raanan will demonstrate how both products work and discuss their real-world usage and the results they achieve.

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Having worked with dozens of organizations on their RPA journeys, we welcome the opportunity to share our insights and answer any questions you may have.

For more information on how we can help your organization achieve quick and dramatic improvements in process execution, cost savings, and error reduction, we invite you to schedule a personal demo with our team at DIA Munich 2018. 

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