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How Kryon Empowered AIG to Raise the Bar for Customer Service

Posted by Maya Bar Yefet on Feb 25, 2019 4:17:56 PM

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For today’s insurance companies all over the world, customer service representatives (CSRs) play a critical role. Not only do these employees impact customer satisfaction, but their one-on-one interactions with clients are full of opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling insurance policies.

By offering fast, attentive, and friendly service, CSRs help insurers increase their profits while keeping customers happy. And because they are often burdened with repetitive, rules-based processes that can be time-consuming and disruptive, they - and the insurance companies that employ them - can benefit from the increased accuracy and productivity that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) offers.

One insurance companies that has embraced RPA is AIG, which has customers in over 80 countries and jurisdictions, including a subsidiary that is one of the most prominent insurance providers in Israel. As that subsidiary expanded in recent years, AIG Israel recognized its growing need for fast, efficient, and attentive service.

To address this need quickly and reliably, without disrupting its employees’ work, the company turned to Kryon’s Unattended Automation solution. Their team automated 12 processes in just their first few months with Kryon – empowering CSRs to expedite their service and make their workload more manageable.

Since starting with Kryon, AIG Israel has seen its use of automation result in increased satisfaction among both customers and employees. Today, the company continues to expand its use of Kryon’s RPA solutions in order to help its employees get more done, boost their job satisfaction, and offer customers the best service possible.

Working directly with Kryon and automating processes in-house – rather than working with a third-party systems integrator – now their team is typically able to automate each additional task from start to finish (including recording it, fine-tuning its workflow, implementing it, and testing it) in just two to three weeks.

Download the case study Kryon Empowers AIG to Raise the Bar for Customer Service to discover the ways AIG’s subsidiary in Israel is using automation to address some of the biggest challenges facing both today’s insurance companies and contact centers and find answers to the questions:

  • How did the company automate its first dozen processes so quickly?
  • What were the specific technical and business considerations that led them to choose Kryon Unattended Automation?
  • And what are the actual steps their robots take in order to streamline processes and maximize their consistency, accuracy, and reliability?

Whether or not insurance is your field, this is a valuable example of an enterprise moving quickly and nimbly to address the specific needs of the company, its employees, and its customers – in other words, RPA done right. 


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