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How RPA Empowers Contact Centers to Address Today’s Key Challenges

Posted by Regine Lampert on Mar 4, 2019 10:45:30 AM

We recently met with a variety of professionals who place great importance (and rightly so) on contact center performance at Call Center World in Berlin. Our booth was buzzing with visitors throughout the three-day event, and our main presentation on its second day gave us the chance to showcase our unique robotic process automation (RPA) and Kryon Process Discovery™ solutions and explain the benefits that they offer contact centers.

But more importantly, we got to listen, see, and learn about the challenges facing today’s contact centers and the hard-working CSRs tasked with building a rapport with their callers while resolving as many issues as possible during that first call.

These challenges aren’t new – but this is 2019, and this is the Era of the Customer!

In today’s business environment, here are three of the most important challenges facing contact center managers:

1. Improving customer satisfaction

With customer expectations constantly rising, customer service representatives (CSRs) are expected to do more than ever before. Not only do today’s customers expect fast, accurate service, but they expect that service to be personalized. And if they’re not satisfied, they’ll shop around until they are.

2. Boosting employee morale

There’s no question about it: A contact center can only be successful if its agents are successful – and that means that hiring and retaining highly qualified employees is critical. To make that happen, contact centers need to offer them a workplace that fosters employee morale and empowers them to meet their goals (without letting mundane, repetitive tasks get them down). And, of course, happier employees make for happier customers.
3. Streamlining work with legacy computer systems

Many contact centers rely on legacy computer systems, and it’s common for CSRs to need to work with multiple slow and challenging programs simultaneously – all while on the phone with customers expecting to receive the best service there is. Needless to say, this old software tends to slow down customer service and inhibit CSRs’ productivity – leading to frustration on both ends of the phone line.


How Kryon Addresses These Challenges

RPA makes it easy for CSRs to overcome these hurdles. By offering them helpful guidance and personalized information about the customer – and by automatically performing specific processes – software robots empower CSRs to offer faster, more reliable, and more personal service. Not only does this allow these employees to boost customer satisfaction, but it enables them to increase their own productivity and to be relieved of mundane, monotonous tasks – resulting in improved agent motivation.

Going beyond these benefits of RPA solutions in general, Kryon offers unmatched flexibility and user-friendliness – key traits that enhance contact center automation. Using our patented computer vision, Kryon robots can easily streamline processes performed on any type of software – even Citrix and legacy systems. Our solutions’ use of computer vision also makes it uniquely easy for CSRs to record processes and take full advantage of existing automation workflows, empowering them to boost contact center performance.

Additionally, Kryon stands out for empowering companies to quickly find the right processes to automate. Alongside our attended automation (desktop), unattended automation, and hybrid automation solutions, we offer Kryon Process Discovery™ – the only solution on the market that automatically identifies a user’s processes, evaluates them, recommends which one to automate next for maximum ROI, and generates automation workflows for these processes. This way, companies can be confident that their contact centers are picking the most promising RPA opportunities.

What’s next: 

  • Learn more about Kryon RPA for call centers.
  • Register for our upcoming webinar Mastering CC Challenges and Uncovering Automation Potential (German).
  • Request a demo of our RPA and Process Discovery solutions.
  • Read our call center use cases to discover the ways real companies have used our solutions to boost their CSRs’ performance.
  • Visit us at CCW Singapore or Telco 2019 in Tel Aviv. Let us know if you’d like to meet up!

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