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Posted by Francine Haliva on Jul 19, 2017 9:50:19 AM

According to Grand View Research, the global RPA market is projected  to reach $8.75 billion by 2024. This jaw dropping increase in growth indicates that RPA is no longer an option - it's a must!  Join us on July 31st - August 2nd  at the Intelligent Automation (formerly known as RPA) conference in Chicago to find out how your organization can take immediate action to implement RPA or risk being left behind.   

The Kryon Difference

As the RPA market matures, we are seeing more sophisticated and powerful RPA solutions that blend technologies to offer a wider range of automation solutions and cover more automation processes. Traditional RPA enables repetitive, rules-based tasks to be offloaded to a robotic (software) workforce for execution on virtual machines, where they will be processed more efficiently and with greater accuracy than if done manually. However, such tasks generally represent only a small portion of the end-to-end business process. Using Kryon’s unique Hybrid RPA solution, these same benefits can be reaped throughout the entire business process regardless of whether a person or robot is executing the task.

Furthermore, Kryon’s solution enables tasks to be passed back and forth between the two workforces with full visibility to create a collaborative interaction between human and virtual workers. The result is a genuine end-to-end solution that will create a truly unified workforce comprised of people and robots that maximizes efficiency, scalability, and flexibility.

Our intelligent automation solutions result in: low total cost of ownership, greater ROI on your RPA investment, and cross-organizational business process improvement. 

Schedule one-on-one time with Kryon

Having worked with dozens of organizations on their RPA journey's, we welcome the opportunity to share our insights and answer any questions you may have.

For details on how Leo RPA can help your organization achieve quick and dramatic improvements in process execution, cost savings, and error reduction stop by our booth or better yet, schedule a personal demo

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