Kryon Automation Olympics Recap

Kryon Automation Olympics Recap: Innovation, Inspiration and Lots of Magic

Posted by Julie Shafiki on Sep 23, 2020 9:12:42 PM

We can’t help but be proud. The Kryon Automation Olympics smashed records and all our expectations, bringing together the best-of-the-best in RPA from across the globe. More than 6,000 people registered to participate in the half-day event filled with automation innovation and insights, fun and entertainment, and a healthy dose of friendly competition.

Olympic ideals have a lot in common with robotic process automation (RPA): productivity, agility, performance, and a constant drive to surpass boundaries and outpace the competition, just to name a few. The Kyron Automation Olympics honored these goals, as well as the spirit of freedom and unity.

A Magic-filled Event
We were joined by big names in automation. But it’s safe to say that no one loomed larger than NBA Hall of Famer and Olympic Gold medalist Earvin “Magic” Johnson, who was the Games’ keynote speaker. Magic brought his trademark smile and affable personality, but also seriousness about how he has achieved his goals and aspirations, including unwavering self-belief and determination to do what’s right - on and off the court. He shared personal anecdotes, from his rivalry with Boston Celtics Larry Bird and how competitors can make you better to stories of grit, hard work, and risk-taking. It was both inspiring and joyful to watch Magic and Kryon CEO Harel Tayeb spar over business, sports, and life. Magic made his journey relatable and inspirational for all of us. Watch Magic Johnson’s full keynote here.

The day’s sessions were a mix of automation inspiration including success stories from Kryon customers, best practices from global partners and analysts, and thought leadership by Kryon experts. We were fortunate to be joined by renowned analyst Phil Fersht from HfS Research who shared market insights, exploring concepts like the new “have-to-have” economy—where RPA has moved from nice-to-have to essential—the hyperconnected enterprise, autonomous supply chains, and much more. Watch Chief Analyst’s Phil Fersht’s session on-demand.

Top-notch presenters shed light on the barriers to RPA adoption and what’s needed to overcome them, noting research that shows while many enterprise decision-makers fully believe in RPA and the value it can deliver, they also feel it hasn’t fully delivered on its promise. Siloed and uncoordinated initiatives, too much implementation time, and misaligned deployment models have all limited RPA’s adoption. At Kryon, we’re well aware of these challenges, and our solutions, like automated Process Discovery and Kryon Full-Cycle Automation, directly mitigate many of these issues. Check out the complete demo of Kryon’s Full-Cycle Solution.



Winning Implementations
We were honored to have some of our valued global customers and partners, including Verizon, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Visma | Raet, Capgemini, Verint, and Software AG share their RPA experiences. Learning how organizations worldwide are deploying RPA and the myriad business benefits they are achieving was nothing short of awe-inspiring.

We heard a range of RPA implementations and specialized uses of Kryon solutions, from virtual education and onboarding at Verizon to customer service and front desk functions at Wyndham Hotels & Resorts. One common thread: in addition to increased efficiency, time and resource savings—in the form of reduced training time, fewer call center inquiries, and lower operating and travel costs—better customer experience is a byproduct of RPA. Employees feel more confident and better prepared, and are armed with the right information to do their jobs. That has been passed along to customers and metrics show clear improvement, even in the face of the enormous challenges brought by the global Coronavirus pandemic.

Find a complete list of Kryon Automation Olympics sessions here and experience a piece of the Olympic phenomenon at your own pace. You won’t be disappointed!   

Game-Changing Enhancements
Kryon Chief Technology Officer, Shay Antebi, presented a cutting-edge addition to our Full-Cycle Automation solution - market-first real-time Process Discovery. Process analysis initiatives are often limited to a handful of departments due to technological limitations and the time and effort involved. Leveraging real-time Process Discovery, companies can now identify the processes best suited for automation within minutes. And not just in one or a few departments, but across the entire organization. With this move, Kryon will redefine the way automation is done. Again. Watch Shay Antebi’s full session here.

Shay also spoke about the recently introduced industry-first Full Cycle Automation-as-a-Service (FCAaaS) powered by AWS (Amazon Web Services). This new offering builds on our trademark solution, combining Kryon Process Discovery™, process mapping, RPA, and analytics in a single, unified and easy-to-use platform, offering never-before-seen scalability. Now you can quickly and easily scale up automation bots on demand whenever capacity is needed, thanks to the power of embedded Kryon technology and the elastic processing power of the cloud.

“Hearty congratulations to you and the team on a fantastic event. This is setting new standards in many ways and leading by example.”

                                                                      Kryon Automation Olympics attendee


Topping the Leaderboard
It wouldn’t be an Olympic Games without an awards ceremony. Our Parade of Champions recognized exceptional customer and partner RPA achievement across nine categories, from “Fastest Time-To-Value” and “Highest ROI” to “Best Work-from-Home Innovation” and “Leader in Digital Transformation.”

We also awarded gold, silver and bronze medals, as well as $10,000 in total prize money to winners of the “Kryon Bot Camp” hackathon. These citizen developers were recognized for developing the most innovative and impactful automation wizards that push the boundaries of robotic process automation to solve real-world problems. We were extremely impressed by the ingenuity shown by these developers.

The Kryon Automation Olympics was an amazing journey, requiring hard work and dedication from the entire Kyron team, our partners, and customers. We thank you and the thousands of RPA enthusiasts worldwide. It’s been thrilling to receive so many positive responses to these inaugural Games, from a participant calling our transition commercials “the best” to attendees praising its organization, execution, and inspirational content.

Most of all, the Kryon Automation Olympics were an homage to the freedom and power that we all have within our grasp. RPA liberates people from mundane, repetitive tasks, freeing them to be more creative and productive. Together, we’re trailblazing toward the next generation of automation. A place where human workers and robots work synergistically, managed seamlessly by a single orchestration platform. Let’s continue to embrace and celebrate innovation. While robots can do lots of things, they can’t innovate. That’s purely human.

If you missed the Kryon Automaton Olympics, watch it on demand. Prepare to be inspired!

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