Kryon Forms Strategic Partnership with Hyperscience to Solve Business Document Workflow Challenges

Posted by Daniel Peled on Jan 11, 2021 5:33:00 AM

At Kryon, we’re open to partnerships with the right companies that share our customer-centric values and commitment to innovation. When you look at the cross-section of partnerships we’ve forged with such companies as Verint, Amdocs, Software AG, and AWS, it’s easy to see our best-of-breed approach to these relationships. Our goal is to create an ecosystem of technology leaders with a proven track record of solving problems for customers. When we find a complementary technology that can help remove the barriers to successful automation deployments, we’re eager to find a way to work with the company that invented it.

Reliably and efficiently extracting critical data that’s been locked in structured or semi-structured document formats is one of those common barriers. This is especially true of handwritten documents. Believe it or not, handwritten forms and paperwork still make up a significant portion of the daily workflow, even in this age of digital transformation.

Kryon has made significant investments in our own technology to address this, such as our advanced IMR and OCR capabilities. We use our patented technology to record and execute processes on any application (including Citrix, web-based, legacy, and desktop) without the need for integration. But when we looked at the technology behind the Hyperscience Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution, we realized that they were the only vendor with a market-ready solution that could solve this challenge at scale.

Welcome Hyperscience

We’re proud to announce an exciting new strategic partnership with Hyperscience. By combining our two best-in-class solutions, Kryon and Hyperscience now have the power to create even more value for our shared enterprise customers. We share a joint vision of helping businesses extract value from AI. Together, our solutions deploy automation more quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively. The Hyperscience IDP offering, paired with Kryon’s industry-first Full-Cycle Automation suite, enables customers to extract valuable structured and semi-structured data from enterprise documents for greater process automation.

Hyperscience modernizes mission-critical processes and operations for Global 2000 organizations and governments. Since 2014, Hyperscience’s automation technology has helped data-centric companies parse through vast amounts of unstructured inputs and raw information to achieve smarter business outcomes. Through the Hyperscience Platform, enterprises are empowered to transform their operations and drive operational efficiency by fully unlocking the power of their data.

Enterprises deal with an extraordinary amount of unstructured content, typically trapped in documents and images. Data automation is the critical first step of any business process, and enterprises are using the Hyperscience IDP to transform how they use data, make business decisions, and structure their operations. A key pillar of Hyperscience’s strategy entails working with strategic partners like Kryon to enable more enterprises to unlock the benefits of automation to better serve their end customers.

Stronger Together

With that kind of innovation and potential, it’s clear that Hyperscience’s technology is a perfect complement to Kryon Full-Cycle Automation. Our automation suite has been proven to boost productivity by automating tedious business processes on any enterprise application and even across multiple applications. With the power of Kryon Process Discovery™ built into the platform, Kryon identifies and analyzes processes that are ripe for automation and turns them into automated workflows, assigned to a Kryon Robot for fast and error-free execution.

The Hyperscience IDP solution automatically classifies and extracts data from diverse document types, including difficult conditions that cause legacy technology to fail, like messy handwritten text and low resolution or distorted images. Hyperscience’s technology automates 95% of data entry with over 99.5% accuracy, far surpassing the average industry accuracy rate which hovers around 55%. Customers who choose Hyperscience experience a 67% increase in accuracy of data processing, up to 10x faster processing time, and a 90% cost reduction with more streamlined and efficient processes.

For more information on how this partnership solves the pressing challenge of extracting data from documents, check out our joint webinar on-demand, Handwriting No Longer a Hinderance in Robotic Process Automation, available on our BrightTalk Channel.

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