Kryon Introduces Process Discovery: The New Generation of RPA

Posted by Francine Haliva on Jun 14, 2018 4:32:00 PM

We at Kryon are excited to share our groundbreaking news with you! Today we are launching Kryon Process Discovery, a revolutionary new solution that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically analyze a company’s business processes and evaluate each process’s suitability for automation.  The first of its kind, Process Discovery promises to make it faster, easier, and less expensive than ever before to get started with RPA. 

Why does this matter for companies across a wide variety of verticals?

By streamlining the process of getting started with RPA, Process Discovery enables businesses of all types to begin using automation with unprecedented ease, speed, and cost-effectiveness. While countless companies have long known that robotic process automation could help them achieve their business goals more efficiently, until now the process of figuring out which processes to automate has been a major hurdle for many of them. As a result, it has been common for businesses to implement automated solutions piecemeal – starting off by automating a small number of projects, and then gradually increasing their use of RPA.

Now that Process Discovery is up and running, there is no longer a need for that kind of gradual implementation. Instead, a company can use Process Discovery to automatically (and quickly) get a full map of its business processes, gaining the information necessary to decide reliably which tasks to automate and which ones to leave alone. In addition, Process Discovery automatically generates an automation workflow for each process it identifies. Users can then export these workflows to the Kryon Studio, where they can fine-tune them before assigning them to robots – streamlining the transition from Process Discovery to RPA implementation.

To see for yourself exactly how Kryon Process Discovery shortens your road to RPA, watch this quick video:



“Process discovery is the breakthrough that the enterprise market has been waiting for – it’s a truly groundbreaking solution that offers enterprise management with a level of profound visibility into the everyday processes across the organization that determine competitiveness, productivity and employee engagement. This visibility leads to high-impact automation of existing workflows,” explains our CEO, Harel Tayeb.

“Kryon’s Process Discovery has all the insights needed to automate and optimize business processes,” he adds. “This innovative product will remove the pain points from deploying RPA throughout business, resulting in the industry finally having an easy adoption method at an unprecedented total cost of ownership.” To read the full press release click here.  

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