Kryon Partners with Automation Thought Leader IRPA AI

Posted by Julie Shafiki on Nov 29, 2018 8:34:12 AM

As we at Kryon get ready for an exciting year of growth in 2019, we’re happy to announce that we have partnered with the Institute for Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence (IRPA AI), the world’s first and largest institute for RPA.

With more than 90,000 members, IRPA AI offers helpful consulting services to corporate executives to help them make the most of RPA and AI. The institute will now offer Kryon’s solutions as part of its consulting services. Our new relationship will also benefit the IRPA AI community by facilitating collaboration between Kryon’s high-tech experts and the institute’s industry thought leaders.

The partnership is a major milestone for the worldwide adoption of Kryon’s solutions, promising to accelerate our growth across industries. Click here to read the press release.

“Our members are always seeking new and innovative approaches to automation and ways to achieve greater efficiencies through emerging and disruptive technologies,” said Rohail Khan, President of DEX – IRPA AI’s Global Digital Solutions Exchange. "I am excited to collaborate with Kryon and help us educate our global community in areas like RPA where we know many of them are beginning the journey and are looking for guidance and expertise.”

As our partner, IRPA AI will now offer all of Kryon’s automation products as it helps businesses find the solutions best suited to help them leverage RPA’s full potential:

  • Kryon Process Discovery™ – today’s only solution that automatically identifies processes, evaluates them, recommends which ones to automate, and creates automation workflows.
  • Attended Automation in which a robot runs on a user’s computer, either guiding them through rule-based processes or automatically performing “swivel chair” tasks.
  • Unattended Automation in which a robot running on a virtual machine automatically performs specific rule-based processes.
  • Hybrid Automation in which desktop-based attended robots work with virtual-machine-based unattended robots to offer each customer an optimal solution to meet its needs.

By increasing awareness of Kryon Process Discovery, our partnership with IRPA AI will help businesses overcome the main hurdle to successful use of RPA: deciding which processes to automate. Currently, many companies never realize the potential of automation because they never identify the processes best suited for RPA. Process Discovery addresses this challenge by automatically identifying, evaluating, and recommending the processes best suited for automation – while creating a fully functional automation workflow for each process it identifies. As a result, Kryon Process Discovery has enabled companies to accelerate their RPA implementation by five times. 

Research at IRPA AI’s recent Intelligent Automation Innovation conference showed just how difficult it is currently for many businesses to find the right processes to automate. Of those surveyed, more than 60% said this challenge has caused a bottleneck for them, and almost 80% said it was either “likely” or “very likely” that within the next year they would use an evidence-based tool like Kryon Process Discovery to find the processes best suited for automation. 

Ready to see how Kryon’s Process Discovery and RPA solutions can help your company make the most of automation? Click here to schedule a live demo today.

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