Standing to Attention in London! Kryon’s Process Discovery™ Gets a Sterling Reception at the AI Conference in London

Standing to Attention in London! Kryon’s Process Discovery™ Gets a Sterling Reception at the IA Week in London

Posted by Marlon Gobitz on Dec 3, 2019 2:06:16 PM

Kryon’s booth generated a lot of buzz at the Intelligent Automation Week in London last week – with demos of Full-Cycle RPA and in particular, how our Process Discovery tool helps organizations identify business processes and automate them more quickly.

  • A large UK bank representative visited the booth and was impressed with Process Discovery’s “Guide Me” mode. She seemed astonished by how quickly a robot can be built, using Kryon’s solution. She shared that while her bank already has over 200 robots running – it had taken them two and a half years to reach this point.
  • A number of financial institutions took part in demos. This wasn’t surprising, as the majority of financial organizations are interested in increasing the automation of their business processes – some of which are repetitive, time consuming, and rely on heavy manual labor. By leveraging Kryon, they can streamline existing processes, cut costs, and meet regulatory requirements – all without changing underlying systems.
  • Other visitors to the booth included a luxury car manufacturer and a large healthcare company – whose representative was impressed to learn that Kryon allows organizations to build robots in a few seconds, without having any prior knowledge of coding.

Kryon Process Discovery™ was really what caught everyone’s eye – this is what makes Kryon a true full-cycle automation platform.

With Process Discovery, the data gathered by Kryon’s Discovery Robots provides actionable intelligence about all processes across an organization that are fit for automation. Kryon then uses this information to automatically generate automation scenarios, in the Kryon Studio.

You can learn more about Process Discovery here, or request a Full-Cycle RPA demo here.

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