Kryon Recognized as a Top Artificial Intelligence Solution Provider

Posted by Julie Shafiki on Dec 6, 2018 6:54:31 AM

As a year of rapid growth at Kryon comes to a close and we get ready for an even bigger year in 2019, we are happy to add another honor to our growing collection: APAC CIOoutlook has recognized Kryon as one of the “Top 20 Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers – 2018.”

Along with this recognition, APAC CIOoutlook – a valuable source of practical information for enterprise IT professionals in the Asia-Pacific region – included a profile of Kryon in its December 2018 special issue on artificial intelligence.

The recent article focuses largely on our AI-powered Kryon Process Discovery™ solution, the only product created by an RPA provider that automatically identifies automatable processes, evaluates them, and recommends which ones to automate for maximum return on investment (ROI). At the same time, Process Discovery automatically creates workflows that can be imported into Kryon’s RPA development studio, where they can be fine-tuned before being assigned to robots.

“As opposed to the conventional process analysis solutions in the market, Kryon offers a quicker and economical alternative with its solution, Kryon Process Discovery™,” the article said. “Kryon Process Discovery determines tasks that are being executed by clients’ employees, understands the existing challenges in the operations, and explores ways to make processes more efficient. These capabilities enable clients to achieve maximum RPA ROI at a lower TCO.”

The article also quoted our CEO, Harel Tayeb. “With Process Discovery, RPA deployment is five times faster than the average RPA installation, saving our customers valuable time and money,” he said. “In short, our solution automates the automation.”

APAC CIOoutlook’s article also discusses the three types of RPA that we offer:

  • Attended Automation, in which a robot runs on an employee’s computer, either providing on-screen guidance or automatically performing specific processes.
  • Unattended Automation, in which robots run on virtual machines, quickly and accurately performing rule-based processes.
  • Hybrid Automation, in which attended and unattended robots work together to offer the most efficient solution to meet a customer’s specific needs.

Notably, this article comes not only at the tail end of a year of unprecedented technological developments at Kryon, but also just days after we announced two partnerships that promise to accelerate the growth of our worldwide customer base in 2019 – one with IRPA AI and the other with Microsoft.


To discover the ways Kryon’s RPA and Process Discovery solutions can help your business make the most of automation, click here to schedule a live demo. 

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