Kryon Announces New Cloud-Based RPA Platform as a Service

Posted by Francine Haliva on Feb 22, 2018 11:19:55 AM

We are delighted to announce our expanded cloud services to intelligent RPA through an enterprise-ready platform. Our cloud-based offerings will enable enterprises to access and expand workplace automation processes through the cloud via web-based internet browsers and applications. Businesses will now be able to implement Kryon’s technology immediately through the cloud without technical infrastructure configuration traditional to the RPA space, saving valuable time and costs in implementation.

Kryon’s RPA cloud solution will help the enterprise to decrease the overhead costs and efforts related to infrastructure deployments, maintenance, configuration and support. Cloud accessibility will allow the robots to be more easily deployed, while better serving virtual environments with no footprint on an organization’s core business infrastructure. The platform is flexible and extendable, can be installed on premises, or on a private or public cloud. Kryon’s out-of-the-box ready PaaS is supported through online or onsite training.

“To be a partner for global enterprises, we at Kryon know that RPA technology must not only move at the speed of business, but also exceed it,” said CEO of Kryon Systems, Harel Tayeb. “RPA is already showing significant results in decreasing operational costs and the benefits of shifting towards cloud services will provide even more value and increased flexibility to grow and scale without overhauling existing IT infrastructure.”

As part of this implementation, Kryon Systems is partnering with leading and trusted names in the cloud security space to ensure sophisticated protection of company data. The server is responsible for managing and controlling security and access to content, and makes said content available for privileged users while blocking others. It can seamlessly integrate with the organization’s Active Directory to enable single-sign-on (SSO) authentication. In addition, the server is able to provide predictive and insightful analytics to increase RPA activity within the organization and makes it more efficient and effective. It also provides a full audit trail & logs of the virtual workforce activities.

To read the full press release click here.

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