Kryon Systems Poised for Explosive Growth with New CEO

Posted by Francine Haliva on Mar 8, 2017 12:25:14 PM

Kryon Systems is embracing the explosive growth of robotic process automation (RPA) in the global enterprise marketplace and it is with great excitement that we announce the appointment of Harel Tayeb as the new CEO.  Tayeb’s appointment comes as part of the company’s next stage of expansion as a leading provider of Intelligent Robotic Process Automation solutions.  In his role as CEO, Tayeb will focus on scaling Kryon to new heights and establishing a stronger footprint in the RPA sector.

Harel Tayeb takes over from Bibi Rosenbach who successfully led Kryon Systems from early stage start-up to become a disruptive force in the emerging intelligent robotic process automation market. Rosenbach will act as an advisor to Kryon's board and management to ensure a smooth transition. 

“My vision is to lead the RPA market by providing cutting-edge technology and setting in motion innovation strategies, to deliver an unsurpassed product offering for our customers,” remarks Tayeb. “RPA products will soon become a commodity in every enterprise.  With our proprietary technology, along with our deep industry and technical expertise in the services we provide, we are going to lead the new generation of intelligent automation." 

Tayeb brings with him over fifteen years of vast experience, business savvy, and innovativeness in the technology ecosystem, most recently as an investor and advisor for startups and VC’s. He has held several leadership positions including AVG Israel Country Manager (acquired by Avast for $1.3B. Prior to AVG Harel led Como (Conduit Mobile), a fast-growing mobile app maker platform.  Prior to Como, he founded a visionary startup in the collectibles area, Collcs Ltd., and before that managed an engineering group at Microsoft & Gteko (acquired by Microsoft) ILDC. 

“Kryon Systems is a strong performing company and I see many attractive growth opportunities to pursue and execute on, both short and long term, which makes me confident that we will accelerate our already strong business momentum,” emphasizes Tayeb. “Our unique, proprietary RPA platform can be leveraged for unattended (RPA) and attended (desktop) automation, as well as Hybrid automation where there is interaction between the virtual and human workforce, to provide a true end-to-end solution.” 

Any enterprise that relies heavily on large scale, labor-intensive operations can widely benefit from robotic process automation. RPA is being used to augment/replace traditional workforce operations and provide unprecedented benefits in terms of efficiency and improved quality in areas such as: Finance & Accounting, IT Services, HR, Supply Chain, Procurement, Legal, and Customer Service. RPA market researchers estimate exploding growth of 60% CAGR to reach $4.8B in 2020.

“As the RPA market matures, I believe how we deliver intelligent automation will also evolve.  This will mean more flexibility, more technology, and doing things both better and differently,” says Tayeb. “One major change will be the way in which technology interacts with the automated processes. Technology will no longer simply execute and support the processes we design, but will drive and determine what processes lend themselves to automation for greater business process improvement.” 

“I’m honored to be taking on the leadership of Kryon Systems,” concludes Tayeb. “Kryon’s unique, intelligent automation platform makes the strategic deployment of innovation and technology both exciting and challenging. I look forward to working closely with the team to shape and execute new strategies and emerging technologies that will affirm our position at the forefront of the RPA industry.”  


Kryon Systems is committed to providing intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions to make digital transformations faster and easier.  Our flagship platform, Leo, enables companies to automate high volume, repetitive, and time consuming business processes to impact business outcomes with significant ROI results on automation investments and low TCO. 

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