Meet the Veteran RPA Executive Who Just Became Kryon's New CRO

Posted by Francine Haliva on Jul 30, 2018 9:54:19 AM

We at Kryon are excited to welcome veteran business executive Richard French to his new role as our first-ever Chief Revenue Officer. Richard, who until recently served as the Chief Operating Officer of Automation Anywhere, plans to rapidly accelerate the worldwide growth we have already seen in 2018.

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In addition to his past role at Automation Anywhere, Richard has honed his understanding of growth strategies as a business leader at companies including Nokia and Oracle. In his new role, he will take a leading role in shaping Kryon’s future – including our long-term vision for growing sales, strategic partnerships, and overall profitability.

In a year of fast-paced technological and geographic growth for Kryon – including our recent launch of the groundbreaking Process Discovery technology, which shortens the path to effective automation for enterprises – we are especially eager to see the ways Richard builds on that progress. We believe his perspective and talents are a perfect match for our business-focused drive for technological innovation.

“Kryon is thrilled to welcome Richard French to our executive team,” said our CEO, Harel Tayeb. “As we significantly scale up and focus on the RPA needs of the enterprise, I am convinced that Richard’s experience, skillset, and passion will lead us to exponential growth. Perhaps most importantly, he shares our conviction that to be a leader in the world of RPA requires both a clear, client-focused vision for the future and the technological prowess to make that vision a reality.”

That’s an outlook that Richard shares.

“With its business-value approach to automation through fresh, customer-focused RPA, Kryon is winning enterprise customers in both the private and public sectors. I strongly believe that Kryon is one of the only companies truly primed to make a difference in the RPA landscape,” he recently explained. “Kryon stands out for its understanding that RPA should not be complicated to use. Driven by this core principle, its cutting-edge solutions make automation easily accessible for all types of business users.”

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