Meet the Kryon AI Booster

Meet the Kryon AI Booster - Turbocharging for Robotic Process Automation

Posted by Shay Antebi on Sep 25, 2019 9:58:28 AM

Imagine that one of your end customers sends a handwritten feedback letter to your company’s email. The AI Booster springs into action, extracting the handwritten text using enhanced optical character recognition (OCR) and turning it into printed text. This text then undergoes additional processing by a form recognizer. Finally, advanced text analytics comes into play, assigning an accurate sentiment score to the extracted content. At this point, Kryon RPA invites the robots to join the party. If the customer’s sentiment is defined as negative, a Kryon RPA robot immediately fires off an automated alert to the customer service manager, enabling prompt resolution to turn an unhappy customer into a delighted one. Similarly, if the customer’s sentiment is assessed as positive, the robot adds his or her name to a list of satisfied customers for future reference.

At Kryon, we know that innovation never stands still. After all, the secret of success in today’s dynamic business world is staying ahead of the game at every step. This is particularly true in our field of expertise – robotic process automation (RPA). With that in mind, we’ve just released the new Kryon Automation Suite Version 19.4.

This version introduces AI Booster, an innovative set of new artificial intelligence services based on Microsoft Azure’s Cognitive Services. And it’s packed with some very exciting goodies that we can’t wait to share with you.

But before we tell you anything else, let’s return to the scenario that kicked off this post, which could apply to practically any kind of enterprise and nicely illustrates how this technology can make a real difference in ultra-competitive marketplaces. To understand what was going on, let’s take a closer look at the AI Booster’s individual elements to see how it all fits together.

We’ll start with the enhanced OCR, whose upgraded automation capabilities enable the reading of both printed and handwritten text in images and APIs. This can quickly detect embedded text of both of these types and extract recognized words into machine-character streams for easy searching. This functionality is perfect for extracting data from fields in scanned documents where customers have entered both printed and handwritten text, after which the data can be processed rapidly using RPA.

Next up is the form recognizer. This clever piece of kit delivers improved service by pulling the right information from different sources with exceptional accuracy, reducing the need for entering data manually. It does this by using advanced machine learning to extract key information from receipts, such as the time and date of transaction, merchant information, and taxes and totals. This is ideal for getting data from receipts, for example. Finance departments can extract all the relevant receipt data required for expense reimbursement, which can then be processed by RPA according to predefined rules.

Lastly, say hello to the powerful text analytics service, which employs smart accuracy to enable robots to understand human intent in text and to quantify it to facilitate highly responsive business actions. This service is capable of three different types of highly accurate text analysis, based on language, sentiment and key phrases. For example, when processing customers’ emails, common issues or specific types of email can be sorted into separate groups based on sentiment analysis and key phrases. Using RPA, responses to such emails can be automated for a quick and effective response.

Taken individually, these new features are impressive by any standards. But when they’re put together, the Kryon Automation Suite really shows what it’s made of – as we saw in our earlier scenario. It really is that fast and that simple.

We at Kryon have always known that we stand right at the leading edge of the RPA revolution. After all, our end-to-end solutions are not only user-friendly and extremely flexible, they also enable enterprises to increase efficiency, reduce errors and cut operational costs. We firmly believe that our new AI Booster further cements this reputation.

And we think that you’ll agree.

Seeing is believing! Get a live demo of the Kryon RPA solution today.


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