Meet the Winners of Kryon’s Automation Excellence Awards

Posted by Julie Shafiki on Sep 14, 2021 11:38:58 AM

This week, at the Kryon Automation Expedition, we announced a distinguished group of customers and partners who won the Kryon Automation Excellence Awards. These companies are redefining our sense of adventure through RPA.

The Kryon Automation Excellence Awards honor the explorers who are successfully navigating the RPA world. These customers and partners share Kryon’s vision for the future of work, in which humans and AI-powered bots collaborate together to get work done, be more productive, and reduce human error. Not only do they achieve breakthrough productivity through intelligent automation, but they create a more human workplace experience for their employees. By delegating time-consuming, repetitive tasks to bots, these companies freed up more time for the things humans do best, such as customer service, professional development, innovation, team collaboration, and creative problem-solving.


We also want to recognize those Kryon technology and channel partners that share our values and vision for the future of RPA and process discovery. They are recognized for going above and beyond, working closely with our customer success teams to innovate and create solutions for our joint customers that get results.


Kryon recognized these award winning customers and partners during the annual global summit, the Kryon Automation Expedition. To watch the sessions on demand, visit

We are proud to work with these companies and help them achieve their automation goals. Our only question is, what will their employees do with all of the time they saved through intelligent automation?

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