New Kryon Community Makes It Easy to Expand Your RPA Knowledge

Posted by Francine Haliva on Oct 2, 2018 5:21:38 PM

How has your knowledge of automation changed over the past few years?

There is a good chance you know more today than you did even in the recent past – because as businesses increasingly embrace RPA, the amount of relevant information accumulated by a wide variety of companies and individuals continues to grow.  

With trends like these in mind, today we are happy to announce the launch of the Kryon Community – a free online forum empowering Kryon users to share their RPA knowledge, get their questions answered, and expand their automation skill set.

For the full press release, click here.

Because Kryon’s RPA platform is specifically designed for users with no technical training as well as for tech-savvy experts, our user base has a wide variety of backgrounds and skill levels. The Community leverages that variety, providing a helpful channel for all types of Kryon users to ask questions, share their knowledge by posting answers, and develop expertise.

Most of all, the Community is designed to help each customer get more out of RPA. It complements the Kryon Academy, another valuable learning tool that we launched this month. While the Academy offers in-depth training courses created by our team, the Community helps you benefit from the expertise of other Kryon users – providing useful information in response to the questions, needs, and interests of our customer base.

The Kryon Community is also a particularly valuable resource in light of the free trial of the Kryon Studio, which we also launched earlier this month. Now, you can get in-depth RPA training from the Kryon Academy, use the trial version of the Studio to practice your new automation skills, and then use the Kryon Community to get answers to any questions that arise – all before you make any purchases.

Wherever you are on your RPA journey – and wherever you aspire to be – the Kryon Community can help you get the right information to make that journey as smooth and successful as possible.

Ready to see what the Kryon Community has to offer you? Join the conversation today at!


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