Newest Release of Process Discovery

Newest Release of Process Discovery™ Helps Enterprises Cut RPA Implementation Timelines by Up to 80%

Posted by Inbar Vernik-Rigal on Aug 8, 2019 4:52:23 AM

Kryon launched Version 19.3 of its Process Discovery™ tool this week – providing companies with a cutting-edge solution that reduces the time involved in RPA (Robotic Process Automation) implementation by up to 80%.

Prior to the launch of Process Discovery, enterprises had to undergo time-intensive, manual efforts to identify which business processes were a good fit for automation with RPA.

But by leveraging the new Process Discovery 19.3, enterprises can utilize AI capabilities to determine – and then to visualize – the precise aspects of a business where RPA can be implemented most effectively. This radically cuts the time required for RPA implementation – thereby maximizing business value and facilitating growth.

A Case Study – Wyndham Hotels & Resorts Cut Process Time by Up to 50% Using Process Discovery

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts is just one example of a customer that used Process Discovery to identify measurable opportunities for business growth. The company adopted Kryon’s full-cycle automation suite – including Kryon Process Discovery – paired with attended and unattended automation bots.

After testing 79 different business processes, they found that 26 were suitable for automation with RPA. They discovered they could speed up some of their business processes by as much as 50% – allowing franchises to open properties sooner, and directly contributing to the company’s pace of expansion.

Process Discovery Paired with RPA – Kryon’s Innovative Approach

Kryon is unique in that it offers the only full-cycle automation suite on the market – providing an end-to-end approach to automation that encompasses both Process Discovery and RPA.

Process Discovery is the first tool of its kind and offers almost instant visibility into how business processes are performed with respect to applications and users. Version 19.3 empowers business analysts with new & improved features that include:

  • Quicker analysis – Validates processes with a detailed list of users and exact actions performed on applications.
  • Unmatched process mapping accuracy – Includes enhanced AI algorithms that increase the accuracy of initial process identification to 90%.
  • Enhanced process insights – Offers the crucial ability to monitor and analyze processes over time and the option of navigating back to older versions for insight.
  • Advanced prioritization tools – Provides a new cost calculator that shows the projected annual cost of a process and increased functionality for filtering results based on statistical data.
  • Faster time-to-automation – Has additional tools for downloading workflows into the RPA studio.

Kryon Process Discovery version 19.3 is now generally available. If you’d like to hear more about how you can use Process Discovery to drive the growth of your enterprise, please schedule a live demo.


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