No Surrender to Coronavirus: Kryon Increases Frequency of Online Training Courses

No Surrender to Coronavirus: Kryon Increases Frequency of Online Training Courses for Customers / Partners

Posted by Ayelet Gazit on Mar 11, 2020 2:42:46 PM

With the spread of Coronavirus’ crippling effect, there is a global effort to adjust behavior and avoid infection – both at home and at work. As the training and knowledge manager at Kryon (connect with me on LinkedIn), my department is adjusting quickly and responding to the changing regulations.

A Move of Necessity
Health regulations have forced people in different countries to stay at home, cancel conferences, avoid flights and, basically, avoid any unnecessary activity that may expose you to the virus.

For Kryon, getting customers onboarded and trained is for certain considered a “necessary” activity. For example:

  • A customer with a tight implementation timeline, waiting for the onsite training as one of the scheduled activities – that’s necessary.
  • A new partner who wants to start selling product and has a planned joint PoC activity – that’s necessary.
  • A new employee, who was planning to visit company HQ to meet key people and get trained – that’s a necessity.

Bottom line is that in order to maintain our fast pace of life, training activities must continue to take place.

Webinars, webinars, webinars
It seems that since the discovery of Coronavirus, I have delivered more webinars than during my entire professional career! Any training activity which used to invite a group of people to a meeting room, with a training expert, a white board with few colored markers, is now being delivered via our webinar platform. The show must go on! The knowledge must still be shared! In fact, we are seeing some of the  remote meeting tool companies offering special “Coronavirus” deals (free or with significant discounts).

It’s a fast and easy solution. A 1-1.5 hour webinar with one or two trainers (“hosts”) has enabled us to schedule numerous partner and customers meetings over the past few weeks. And you know what? I’m finding that we can reach a larger audience than before; the knowledge is shared immediately with the people who will be using it. In addition, we record it and make it available on-demand for those who couldn’t attend the scheduled webinar. Looks like a win-win situation, in place of what we temporarily considered a challenging situation.

You can take our short Full Cycle Automation Journey course now.

Kryon Online Academy
Now, in case you are not from the training world, you are probably thinking: what is the difference between webinars and online academy? Well, lots of things. Webinars are a fast way to transfer knowledge directly from the expert to the audience, normally done with a training expert as the mitigator. This is my role when co-hosting a webinar with a knowledge expert. I make sure the topics we wanted to cover are covered, and ensure that we allow the right amount of time to answer questions from the audience. I may flag questions and answer them on the chat while the expert is still talking, or raise important questions to emphasis the important points.

Online training, on the other hand, facilitates all this behind the scenes and gives the trainee just the information they need without the bells and whistles. The result: to-the-point content with exactly what you need to know. Trainees should be able to consume this content at the chosen time and at their own pace.

Any content delivered in a 1-hour webinar, can be digested into a 15-minute online training when handled by a professional instructional designer.

Kryon’s online training was available long before Coronavirus appeared on the scene, but we proactively taken steps to release more and update our online offering. It seems that people understand today more than before just how crucial it is to have an online training option which replaces or complements the traditional training methods.

Remote Trainings
The last phenomenon we see as a result of the Coronavirus is that onsite training should be converted to remote trainings. We would have had to cancel an onsite training as the trainer himself had to be quarantined due to local regulations. Did we cancel the training? Of course not! We changed it to be a remote training, adjusting content to such which can be delivered remotely, maintaining business continuity and business as usual!

Yes, this requires an additional set of skills for trainers. Those who are great performers in a classroom environment must adjust to the remote platform. At first it might feel awkward, but as training professionals (like all Kryon trainers), our trainers were delivering star sessions in no time.

Coronavirus is a worry for us all. We’re all on alert. But when I look at the agility and motivation of my training team over the past month, I understand that good came out of it as well.

Stay healthy, always learn something new, visit Kryon Academy.

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