OpenConnect & Kryon to Deliver Best-in-Class Robotic Process Automation

Posted by Francine Haliva on Jun 20, 2017 10:09:49 AM

Kryon Systems and OpenConnect Systems announced today a partnership leveraging each company’s market strengths to bring a combined best-of-breed solution to enterprises seeking to integrate an enterprise-aware intelligent robotic process automation (RPA) solution.  

The partnership will see Kryon’s Leo intelligent RPA platform, which automates business processes on any system or business application, offered by OpenConnect alongside its current mainframe-proficient automation services as part of its suite of process intelligence and analytics solutions. 

The combination of technology will deliver best-of-breed automation — including on Citrix® applications, Web-based desktops, and legacy/mainframe — for organizations seeking a platform that will help grow their businesses as well as grow with their businesses.  Further, the partnership ensures that the tasks that can be automated will range from the repetitive and mundane to the complex and most costly.

Expected to reach $8.75 billion (USD) by 2024, the market for RPA services is rapidly growing to meet the need of enterprises of all sizes for more accurate, efficient, and cost-effective task fulfillment by implementing the use of software robots to perform tasks traditionally executed by humans. Kryon Systems’ Leo platform, which uses visual recognition and deep-learning technologies to record and execute processes running on any application and across multiple applications without requiring integration, will be leveraged on OpenConnect’s industry-unique server-based robot architecture. The former’s user-friendly automation development studio records business processes for automation and further enables recorded processes to be enhanced using drag-and-drop commands to add programming, direct interaction with system objects, and a host of other tools to optimize operational efficiency and boost performance.

OpenConnect will offer its customers the ability to implement enterprise-scale robotic process automation for both unattended and attended automation capabilities. OpenConnect, a software solution provider that specializes in mainframe interconnectivity — thereby obviating a need for a lower-performance, less accurate, desktop-based mainframe terminal emulator — helps businesses maximize operational intelligence and automation to address challenges and optimize workforce productivity. By adding Leo RPA to its portfolio, the company will now offer a non-mainframe RPA solution for customers looking to automate processes in a desktop-centric environment.

“Our collaboration with OpenConnect confirms our belief that RPA, operating both through virtual machines and on personal desktops, will soon be ubiquitous across enterprises to streamline operations and allow them to remain competitive,” said Harel Tayeb, Kryon Systems’ Chief Executive Officer. “Kryon Systems supports the deployment of agile innovation strategies by enabling the hybrid workforce of the future, where humans and software robots will collaborate to achieve maximum productivity and drive further creativity.”

“We are pleased to add the Kryon Systems Leo platform to our breadth of offerings for enterprises,” said Mark Dailey, OpenConnect’s Chief Executive Officer. “We know some customers have specific automation needs for which a standalone or attended desktop-centric approach is best. For those situations, the Leo platform will be a superb fit.”

To read the full press release click here.

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