RPA salary report: the results are in!

Posted by Francine Haliva on Sep 4, 2017 6:37:47 AM

We are very excited to share the findings from our inaugural RPA salary survey.  The report provides an inside look at RPA salaries, job roles, verticals, compensation, extra perks, and much more - so you can gauge how your salary compares to your RPA peers and colleagues!

The key takeaway from this 2017 salary survey is that it’s worthwhile to take the initiative to understand, learn, and prepare for skills that are in demand in the today's workforce. As the business world transforms itself, we need to take on the responsibility to transform ourselves accordingly. From this survey we see how new technologies, such as RPA, can create exciting, stable, better paying jobs for those willing to take the incentive to learn them.

Download the full RPA Salary Survey 2017 report here.

Going forward we plan on releasing the main report on an annual basis to show current salaries for Robotic Process Automation positions, details about RPA professionals’ top concerns, and the state of the job market in the industry.

RPA Salary Survey

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