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Posted by Francine Haliva on Apr 11, 2018 10:00:00 AM

It brings us great pleasure to announce the official rebrand of our company, now to be known simply as “Kryon.”  For nearly a decade, Kryon has been defining the future of the RPA space by speaking the language of business.   Our unique approach to Robotic Process Automation combines an inside-out understanding of both business and technology.  This is reflected in our innovative process automation solutions  that are distinctively engineered with this deep functional understanding of how large enterprises operate. 

Today, we are taking RPA a step further by offering a comprehensive solution designed to address the entire scope of an organization's automation needs.  From process discovery to virtual workforce optimization, Kryon’s patented AI and machine learning capabilities enable us to decode complex businesses processes and yield clean, simple deployment  - and continual improvement.  It’s what separates our Robotic Process Automation from conventional approaches.

Leading the company’s rebrand is a newly revamped website that communicates the strength and breadth of Kryon’s end-to-end solution.  Our logo has also been re-designed as a striking and richly communicative half blue/half gold icon, representing the close collaboration of robots and humans in the future workplace.  And by shortening Kryon Systems to Kryon, we believe this better exemplifies our simple and clean approach to RPA in our very name.

As Harel Tayeb, our CEO, eloquently stated: “Kryon’s uniqueness is our ability to deliver solutions that address the needs of the business and not simply those of IT.  Our RPA platform now goes well beyond just replicating a user’s actions to a comprehensive solution and methodology that integrates smart analytic tools and cutting-edge AI technology to deliver the highest ROI in the industry.  The new brand with its clean, simple design reflects this evolution and our commitment to enabling agile enterprise transformation.”

To read the full press release click here.

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