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Thoughts from a CEO in Quarantine

Posted by Harel Tayeb on Mar 9, 2020 9:44:15 AM

As the world feels the effects of COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”), the business community has no choice but to cope with the millions of people quarantined, travel standstill and massive economic disruption, with plunging stock markets based on fears of global recession triggered by coronavirus horizon. Concern is building as entire workforces, university and school students are quarantined to their homes, resulting in billions of dollars of lost revenue.

The Future of Work is no longer a philosophical concept. I am one of the self-isolated millions currently working from home due to last week’s business trip. And I say that the future of work is happening now. With all of us talking about digital workers, and how ‘doing business’ will change, there is no doubt that Coronavirus is accelerating these changes at lightning speed.

So, what does this mean for enterprises and what can you do? Enterprises must maintain business continuity during coronavirus turmoil by accelerating their automation strategy.

Enforce Health-First Policies
First and foremost, protect employees’ health. Here at Kryon, we are strict in enforcing quarantine for those who have returned from affected countries. We too, after painful deliberation, took the decision to cancel our company events. Following employee disappointment, it is clear that the decision was the right one.

Initiate Automation Programs ASAP
Beyond these fundamental policies, enterprises must plan for both the short term and long term. When it’s in everyone’s best interest to stay at home and out of harm’s way, the virtual workforce is an unquestionable necessity. That means that if you haven’t yet rolled out a comprehensive Robotic Process Automation (RPA) initiative, you should. And quickly. And if you have, then look at how to optimize it and expand it across your company.

But let’s say, you are ready to push the RPA button. These projects start with Business Analysts executing discovery workshops and interviews with employees. This requires travel, hotel stay and considerable time spent sitting in close proximity of other people. But as quarantines and travel advisories become more severe by the hour, how do we maintain ‘business as usual’?

Business as Usual for Kryon Customers
Well… for Kryon customers it’s Business as Usual - they have a safe, continuous and revenue-building workplace.

  1. Discover Processes Remotely - With Kryon’s Full-Cycle Automation, Business Analysts work remotely without need for face-to-face meetings with users. Kryon Process Discovery™ bots silently collect data on how users perform daily processes and the Kryon Process Discovery server automatically generates automation workflows so that you can roll out automation five times faster.
  2. Virtual Worker Bots are Immune – Whether it’s Attended Automation or Unattended Automation, bots won’t contract Covid-19 or even the common cold. Unequivocally, Full-Cycle Automation enables businesses to increase their ability to lower total cost of ownership and through efficient, error-free business processes, ultimately increase revenue.
  3. Online Full-Cycle Automation PoC – Kryon has recently launched its Kryon Experience which empowers Kryon’s valued prospects to get a hands-on understanding of the entire Kryon Full-Cycle Automation Suite. On your own desktop, you can experience process discovery, through automation development and analytics. By avoiding an on-premise PoC, you are able to save time, money and the health risk of face-to-face gatherings. And there is no need to purchase servers or prepare infrastructure because the Kryon Experience is hosted on Kryon’s AWS cloud environment.
  4. Join Kryon Online Events to Learn More – Kryon is running a series of online training sessions and events. This week, tune into our webinar on Kickstarting Your Digital Transformation with Full-Cycle Automation.
So, if you are a business leader concerned about ensuring a safe workplace without interruption or unforeseen losses, the Kryon Full-Cycle Automation Suite will contribute greatly in ensuring a safe workplace while implementing RPA projects. And once this vulnerable time eventually passes, Kryon will remain a trusted partner to carry businesses into the future of work by allowing for a true scale up of automation services, combined with impactful analytics and direct deployment within one unified platform.

Contact Kryon today for a germ-free demo of Kryon Full-Cycle Automation.


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