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To Your Battle Stations! Kryon’s  Bot Camp Hackathon Tests Your RPA Developer Skills

Posted by Ayelet Gazit on Jul 15, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Attention all citizen developers! Do you have what it takes to build a winning bot?  

We’re launching our Bot Camp Hackathon and we want you to push the boundaries of Robotic Process Automation and test your ingenuity by developing a game-changing automation wizard.  

Listen up: The demand for automated processes is on the rise  and more boots (and bots!) are needed on the ground. RPA technology finds ways to approach industry pain points and create greater efficiency and accuracy through automation. Kryon remains at the forefront of this technology, providing the only full-cycle automation solution on the market.  

So, stay alert, stay alive.  It’s not just an opportunity to win prizes, it’s also a great career move. 


Bottom line up front: Your task is to think outside the box, use your determination, agility, and speed for a decisive victory! You need to develop a wizard (bot) that automates a full business process. The wizard can apply to any industry or any use case – including healthcare, government, finance, and remote work.  

On the double! Get started now because you only have until August 18, 2020 to submit your wizard for the chance to win up to $10,000 in prizes. The top winners will be announced in early September.  

We’re talking about a pitched battle! Submissions will be evaluated by an expert judging panel, assessing comprehensiveness, resiliency, reusability, and scalability of your automation wizard.  


Bot Camp Colonel Tip: Bonus points are earned if you post about the progress of your wizard in Kryon’s online community, KryonNet. 

Do you read me? You can learn more about the details of the hackathon at: Kryon Bot Camp 

Over and out! 


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