The Digital Revolution: BPO Providers Gear Up with RPA

The digital revolution is transforming nearly every industry; affecting the way we serve our customers, manage our operations, engage our workforce, and grow our businesses.  Yet, at a time when the majority of the business world is rapidly embracing innovation and technology, many BPO service providers are falling behind and failing to deliver on the kind of value that is anticipated.

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Expand Your RPA Knowledge at The Global Sourcing & Cloud Summit

We are witnessing a whole new era in sourcing strategy for IT and Business Process.  Robotic Process Automation (RPA) continues to advance quickly as a platform that will change BPO service delivery models.  Join us at the 9th annual Global Sourcing & Cloud Summit, June 13th-14th in New York City, for insights, trends, best practices, and lessons learned from the experts and global leaders in the industry, to help you succeed in this ever-changing environment. 

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Are Software Robots Eating the World?

Marc Andreessen's famous statement in 2011 that "software is eating the world" takes on even greater significance with the arrival of software robots and robotic process automation (RPA).  If software was considered to be the great disruptor five years ago, there is little doubt by extension that automation is going to take the world – and our businesses – by storm. Fast forward five more years into our future and, according to the IDC, most repeatable, rules-based knowledge work will be handled by software robots while humans focus on the exceptions.

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5 Outsourcing Trends in 2016: The Year of the Acronyms

Apparently, in the race to be the most efficient and reduce every cost, we don't have time to read a full word…or we can't afford them. If you are like me, this means looking up every other acronym you come across when reading industry publications (can we get a robot to do this for us?). To help other acronym-challenged individuals, I have included a very handy acronym key at the end of this post.

So which trends/acronyms will influence and transform the outsourcing industry in 2016? Let's take a look at what the experts have to say:

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RPA BPO: A BPO's Guide to Choosing the Best Robotic Process Automation Solution

The verdict is in: "Robots are beginning to rise." Those were the words spoken by Gartner Fellow Daryl Plummer when he listed this year's top 10 strategic predictions for 2016 and beyond.  For IT and BPO service providers that are ready to take the plunge, this validates their decision to leverage robotic process automation (RPA) in their service portfolios to improve retention and win new business.

If your organization is moving forward with RPA, then you already know that now comes the burdensome part: evaluating and choosing the right RPA tools to meet your particular needs, or those of your customers', while ensuring ROI. To help you make a more informed decision, we have identified the essential evaluation criteria for selecting an end-to-end RPA solution in this helpful guide:

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Topics: BPO, Robotic Process Automation, RPA

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