RPA is Knocking Telecom KPI Out of the Ballpark

Hitting a grand slam in the telecom world is no easy feat. In today's fiercly competitive ballgame, service providers are increasingly running up against reduced margins, high churn rates, dissatisfied customers, and diminishing ARPU- significantly impacting the profitability of their call centers and the bottom line.  So how can telecoms hope to meet, or better yet, increase their KPI targets? 

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RPA Change Management: People Still Matter

When thinking of RPA implementations, we conventionally focus our attention on devising the best strategic and tactical plans for automation.  You could say that we are focusing on the robots’ best interest. But to succeed, we must also consider the human element — the alignment of the company’s culture, values, people, and behaviors — to encourage the desired results. In other words: people still matter.

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RPA Checklist: Essential Criteria for Choosing the Best Robotic Process Automation Solution [Infographic]

In our latest eBook, we covered the advantages of robotic process automation (RPA) for enterprise, how to prepare your workforce for digital adoption, and what to look for in RPA tools.  In this blog post, we take a closer look at the six essential evaluation criteria for choosing the best end-to end RPA solution to meet your needs and we've also created a handy checklist for you to use:

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The Ultimate Automation Checklist: Choosing the Right Automation Tool [Infographic]

By now, everyone recognizes the benefits of automation for business process improvement, but with all the different options available, many organizations have a hard time selecting the right automation tool for success. To begin, ask yourselves, “Which business issue do we want to resolve?”

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Topics: Robotic Process Automation, RPA, Desktop Automation

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