Kryon RPA – the One to Trust for GDPR Compliance

The European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on 25 May 2018 and is quite rightly seen as one of the most stringent data privacy regimes ever devised. And while it’s true – in today’s fast-moving business environment – that every enterprise wants its name to be at the forefront of the public’s consciousness, flouting the GDPR is likely to result in being splashed across the front pages of the newspapers for all the wrong reasons.

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Meet the Kryon AI Booster - Turbocharging for Robotic Process Automation

Imagine that one of your end customers sends a handwritten feedback letter to your company’s email. The AI Booster springs into action, extracting the handwritten text using enhanced optical character recognition (OCR) and turning it into printed text. This text then undergoes additional processing by a form recognizer. Finally, advanced text analytics comes into play, assigning an accurate sentiment score to the extracted content. At this point, Kryon RPA invites the robots to join the party. If the customer’s sentiment is defined as negative, a Kryon RPA robot immediately fires off an automated alert to the customer service manager, enabling prompt resolution to turn an unhappy customer into a delighted one. Similarly, if the customer’s sentiment is assessed as positive, the robot adds his or her name to a list of satisfied customers for future reference.

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Topics: Robotic Process Automation, RPA, GDPR, automation

Here’s How RPA Can Help Businesses Prepare For GDPR

Four percent of a company’s worldwide annual revenue or €20 million – whichever is higher. That’s how much any business based anywhere in the world could lose if it is found to use the data of Europeans in violation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which goes into effect on May 25th. But while it’s tempting to think that those numbers are the reason businesses in Europe and around the world need to make compliance with the new regulation a major priority, there’s another number that tells the other half of the story: 99. That’s the number of articles that make up the GDPR – just a hint of the broad range of requirements it entails for companies covered by the law. 

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Topics: Robotic Process Automation, RPA, GDPR

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