Gooooood Morning Automation Anywhere! Will the REAL Process Discovery Vendor Please Stand Up!

Congratulations Automation Anywhere. Your announcement about ‘the world's ‘first’ integrated process discovery solution’ is great news for the RPA industry. You have finally understood the market’s move towards Full-Cycle Automation. However, you’re a little late to the party.

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Kryon Kicks Off 2020 in the City That Never Sleeps

We at Kryon started the year with a bang by hosting our Sales Kickoff 2020 event here in Israel. And coming as it did exactly one year into my own personal journey with Kryon, it was incredible to see just how much we’ve achieved as a company in such a short amount of time.

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Kryon’s Full-Cycle Automation Suite Wows the Crowds in 2019

It’s that time of year again. The nights have drawn in, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, and the temperatures have dropped. As we approach the holiday season — and 2020 looms large on the horizon — our thoughts naturally turn to the past year.

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Standing to Attention in London! Kryon’s Process Discovery™ Gets a Sterling Reception at the IA Week in London

Kryon’s booth generated a lot of buzz at the Intelligent Automation Week in London last week – with demos of Full-Cycle RPA and in particular, how our Process Discovery tool helps organizations identify business processes and automate them more quickly.

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This Thanksgiving Day, Kryon Says Thank You

It's almost Thanksgiving, and we at Kryon have so much to be thankful for. We’ve had an unbelievable year and we've seen some exceptional companies embark on their digital transformation journey, so we asked some of them what they were grateful for this year…

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Kryon Recognized as a Leader in NelsonHall’s NEAT Vendor Evaluation of 11 Top IA (Intelligent Automation) Platforms

Kryon’s full-cycle automation solution was categorized as a leader and high achiever in the recent NelsonHall NEAT (Evaluation & Assessment Tool) vendor evaluation of Intelligent Automation (IA) platforms.

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Seeing the Future of Contact Center Automation at CCW Europe

In our incredibly fast-moving and highly competitive economy, any business that wants to remain ahead of the pack knows that customer satisfaction is one of the main keys to increased revenues and greater profitability. This is especially true for enterprises where contact centers play a pivotal role in their business model.

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Kryon Automation Suite is Runner Up for the Most Disruptive Technology of the Year at CCW Europe 2019


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Kryon RPA – the One to Trust for GDPR Compliance

The European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on 25 May 2018 and is quite rightly seen as one of the most stringent data privacy regimes ever devised. And while it’s true – in today’s fast-moving business environment – that every enterprise wants its name to be at the forefront of the public’s consciousness, flouting the GDPR is likely to result in being splashed across the front pages of the newspapers for all the wrong reasons.

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Meet the Kryon AI Booster - Turbocharging for Robotic Process Automation

Imagine that one of your end customers sends a handwritten feedback letter to your company’s email. The AI Booster springs into action, extracting the handwritten text using enhanced optical character recognition (OCR) and turning it into printed text. This text then undergoes additional processing by a form recognizer. Finally, advanced text analytics comes into play, assigning an accurate sentiment score to the extracted content. At this point, Kryon RPA invites the robots to join the party. If the customer’s sentiment is defined as negative, a Kryon RPA robot immediately fires off an automated alert to the customer service manager, enabling prompt resolution to turn an unhappy customer into a delighted one. Similarly, if the customer’s sentiment is assessed as positive, the robot adds his or her name to a list of satisfied customers for future reference.

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