EasySend and Kryon Combine the Power of Digital Journeys and RPA for Maximum Impact

Traditionally in the enterprise, there has been a conceptual divide between the front- office staff who are responsible for direct contact with customers (either individuals or corporate clients) and the back office - the behind-the-scenes teams working in administrative or support roles.

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Kryon Automation Olympics Recap: Innovation, Inspiration and Lots of Magic

We can’t help but be proud. The Kryon Automation Olympics smashed records and all our expectations, bringing together the best-of-the-best in RPA from across the globe. More than 6,000 people registered to participate in the half-day event filled with automation innovation and insights, fun and entertainment, and a healthy dose of friendly competition.

Olympic ideals have a lot in common with robotic process automation (RPA): productivity, agility, performance, and a constant drive to surpass boundaries and outpace the competition, just to name a few. The Kyron Automation Olympics honored these goals, as well as the spirit of freedom and unity.

A Magic-filled Event
We were joined by big names in automation. But it’s safe to say that no one loomed larger than NBA Hall of Famer and Olympic Gold medalist Earvin “Magic” Johnson, who was the Games’ keynote speaker. Magic brought his trademark smile and affable personality, but also seriousness about how he has achieved his goals and aspirations, including unwavering self-belief and determination to do what’s right - on and off the court. He shared personal anecdotes, from his rivalry with Boston Celtics Larry Bird and how competitors can make you better to stories of grit, hard work, and risk-taking. It was both inspiring and joyful to watch Magic and Kryon CEO Harel Tayeb spar over business, sports, and life. Magic made his journey relatable and inspirational for all of us. Watch Magic Johnson’s full keynote here.

The day’s sessions were a mix of automation inspiration including success stories from Kryon customers, best practices from global partners and analysts, and thought leadership by Kryon experts. We were fortunate to be joined by renowned analyst Phil Fersht from HfS Research who shared market insights, exploring concepts like the new “have-to-have” economy—where RPA has moved from nice-to-have to essential—the hyperconnected enterprise, autonomous supply chains, and much more. Watch Chief Analyst’s Phil Fersht’s session on-demand.

Top-notch presenters shed light on the barriers to RPA adoption and what’s needed to overcome them, noting research that shows while many enterprise decision-makers fully believe in RPA and the value it can deliver, they also feel it hasn’t fully delivered on its promise. Siloed and uncoordinated initiatives, too much implementation time, and misaligned deployment models have all limited RPA’s adoption. At Kryon, we’re well aware of these challenges, and our solutions, like automated Process Discovery and Kryon Full-Cycle Automation, directly mitigate many of these issues. Check out the complete demo of Kryon’s Full-Cycle Solution.

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How WFH Demands are Accelerating Automation in the Back Office

While organizations around the globe have been affected by the wide-ranging ramifications of the Coronavirus, just months after the start of the largest lockdown in history, enterprises are figuring out how to survive – and thrive – within the confines of the new reality.

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Kryon Automation Olympics 2020 - From Inspirations to Aspirations

Without a doubt, 2020 will be remembered for many reasons. And for those of us who are sports lovers, there was grave disappointment that the Summer Olympics and all its fanfare was cancelled. No opening ceremony spectacle. No thrilling wins or heartbreaking defeats. So, Kryon has picked up the torch with the inaugural Kryon Automation Olympics on Tuesday, September 8. Now more than ever, it’s time to come together to recognize standout achievements in RPA (robotic process automation), and have some fun doing it!

Olympic sports and RPA share many similarities: determination, agility, performance, and a constant drive to be the best and outpace the competition. Every second counts. This half-day virtual event gathers the champions in RPA, so prepare to be inspired! Analysts and technology partners will bring the future of work into the here and now. Kryon customers will share their stories of success and how they overcame resilience to transform business through automation, achieving exceptional productivity, efficiency, and greater ROI.

Kryon Automation Olympics is designed for everyone, no matter what your role, expertise or experience. This event is so much more than a series of webinars – it’s an RPA experience with entertainment and surprises throughout the day. So, explore the schedule and grab a front-row seat.

Slam Dunk with Keynote Speaker Magic Johnson!
It doesn’t take a basketball uber-fan to be excited about hearing from Earvin "Magic" Johnson. He is an LA Lakers star, two-time inductee into the Basketball Hall of Fame and a member of the legendary "Dream Team" that captured U.S. Gold at the 1992 Summer Olympics. In conversation with our CEO Harel Tayeb, Magic will share how life often imitates sport, rewarding those with grit and self-determination. He’ll share personal experiences, on-the-court highlights, and his transition to business leader and community activist. See how Magic’s megawatt smile and dominating presence endure.

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Kryon’s Full-Cycle Automation Drives 352% ROI - Forrester Total Economic Impact Study Highlights RPA’s Potential

While enterprises worldwide are embracing robotic process automation (RPA) and process discovery in their digital transformations, many organizations are challenged to quantify the value of their investments. To determine the potential ROI of Kryon’s Full-Cycle Automation Suite—the only enterprise solution encompassing both proprietary AI-driven Process Discovery and RPA— Kryon commissioned a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study from Forrester Consulting. The results speak for themselves.

You can listen to the webinar with Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Craig Le Clair, Forrester consultant Josphine Phua, and Kryon Corporate Intelligence Lead Vita Zlotova talk about how the pandemic is affecting the market, the study findings, and what they mean for enterprises.

Shifting Priorities
Though the pandemic has significantly stressed many sectors of the global economy, it’s accelerating RPA planning and strategies. Digital transformation has been discussed for years now, but in reality, progress has been slow. Then the pandemic hit, and suddenly everyone was working from home, using collaboration platforms, and scrambling to conduct remote business. There was a tremendous surge in digital transformation to help workers stay productive, which is positively affecting the RPA market.

At the same time, current events have caused a shift in roadmaps. Rather than transformational initiatives, the focus will be on producing more at lower costs, which is one of RPA’s “sweet spots.” Smaller banks want the ability to handle mobile deposits; companies want to onboard customers remotely. While discretionary IT (information technology) spending will dip as a result of the pandemic, there is a surge of interest in RPA and intelligent automation.

The Scale Conundrum
As our experts discussed in the webinar, interest in RPA is high but scale remains a challenge. In fact, according to Forrester’s Q2 2019 Global Robotic Process Automation Services Forrester Wave™ Online Survey,  only 52% of firms using RPA have grown their digital workforce to more than 10 bots, illustrating the apparent difficulty of scaling.

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Why the Hell Wasn’t Kryon in this Year’s RPA Magic Quadrant?

So, this year's MQ is out. And guess what? Kryon is not on it. Why the hell not? The answer is simple. Kryon didn’t meet ONE of Gartner’s arcane and outdated selection criteria, which has nothing to do with the attributes that are most important to the enterprise community, like product innovation, service and customer value, and references, and everything to do with narrow-minded and obsolescent benchmarks. Gartner – get with the times! Not only have you done a severe injustice to vendors who have demonstrated a high impact on the market, but you have also misrepresented the RPA market and disserved Gartner clients.

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The Ramp Up - Banks and Financial Institutions Recharge Business with RPA

Banks and financial institutions, like so many sectors of the economy, are still in the throes of managing the wave that seemed to crash overnight – COVID-19. At the same time, conversations are pivoting to emphasize restarting the economy. Banks, financial institutions, and insurance (BFSI) companies are managing a crush of customers who must delay mortgages and other payments, secure loans, and bank completely remotely. At the same, financial enterprises must handle internal changes and adjust business operations accordingly, from instituting new financial models to managing IT strains brought on by remote workers.

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To Your Battle Stations! Kryon’s  Bot Camp Hackathon Tests Your RPA Developer Skills

Attention all citizen developers! Do you have what it takes to build a winning bot?  

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Women and Work-Life Balance in the COVID-19 Era

Working women are keenly aware of the juggling and multiple-hat-wearing that must be done in the face of the current global health crisis. Professional women in RPA (robotic process automation), whose careers are built around transforming business through efficiency and productivity, are now finding themselves working to maintain productivity, lead teams, and meet KPIs while managing households, children, and other personal responsibilities.  

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Re-thinking Your Next Career Move? Consider Training in Robotic Process Automation

It is a sad reality that huge numbers of individuals around the globe have found themselves unemployed or on an unexpected leave of absence. Work routines have been severely disrupted, and even those who were able to continue to work remotely were likely to encounter technical complications and changed business processes.

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