No Surrender to Coronavirus: Kryon Increases Frequency of Online Training Courses for Customers / Partners

With the spread of Coronavirus’ crippling effect, there is a global effort to adjust behavior and avoid infection – both at home and at work. As the training and knowledge manager at Kryon (connect with me on LinkedIn), my department is adjusting quickly and responding to the changing regulations.

A Move of Necessity
Health regulations have forced people in different countries to stay at home, cancel conferences, avoid flights and, basically, avoid any unnecessary activity that may expose you to the virus.

For Kryon, getting customers onboarded and trained is for certain considered a “necessary” activity. For example:

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[Webinar] Beyond Traditional RPA: Finding Your Call Center’s Untapped Potential

If you have read some of our previous blog posts on RPA and customer service, then you likely know what an asset automation can be for call centers. Instead of expecting your service representatives to focus on computer-based tasks while speaking with customers, you can let software robots guide these employees and lighten their workloads. This way, they can offer faster service, while also focusing more on creating a positive customer experience.

But how can you most effectively identify the right tasks to automate for your call center?

That is the focus of our upcoming live webinar, Beyond Traditional RPA: Finding Your Call Center’s Untapped Potential. We invite you to join us at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time on Wednesday, August 29th, to discover how innovative technology can help you streamline your approach to choosing which processes to automate (and in what order).

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Webinar: Today's HR Service Center Challenges and The RPA Solution

HR Shared Services are challenged to bring customer satisfaction to the next level and ensure the highest service and data quality, and yet, heterogeneous system landscapes and multiple requirements on a country or legal entity-level often complicate day-to-day processes and are time-consuming. Join us on Thursday, June 7th at 1 pm BST in a live webinar Today’s HR Service Center Challenges - and how RPA will address them to find out how RPA is helping leading HR Shared Services organizations overcome these challenges. Register today!

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Live Webinar by Kryon & NelsonHall - 4 KPIs for Selecting Your RPA Solution

Many enterprises have embraced RPA in their organization only to be disappointed with the initial results.  RPA is more than just another a new tool or technology to be onboarded into an organization: it presents a much larger change management implementation and the selection process needs to reflect this.  Join Kryon Systems and NelsonHall in a live webinar, The 4 KPIs for Selecting Your RPA Solution to understand the right framework for selecting an RPA solution to best meet the needs of your organization. Register today!

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Kryon & Forrester Team Up for a Webinar on Taking RPA to Scale

Whether you have already completed an RPA proof of concept (POC) or are in early implementation of RPA, establishing an effective operating model is critical to delivering long-term success and scale of RPA operations.

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