Iris Sclar: Humans and Robots - Envisioning an Ideal Co-Existence

It seems that Iris Sclar’s path to RPA was almost predestined. After an early position as a programmer with software and services provider Amdocs, she moved on to a senior consulting role with the company, refining her business process design and management skills and gaining experience with a varied customer base. Now, after nine years with Bank Leumi, an Israeli financial institution with branches worldwide, she may have found her ideal position. Leading the organization’s robotics department and expanding RPA initiatives, she’s able to effect real change, enhancing commercial outcomes and customer experiences while also improving employees’ daily work lives.

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Elena Christopher: Mitigating RPA hype and working smarter while keeping your sense of humor

Welcome to our inaugural international Women in RPA profile!  We're proud to feature Elena Christoper as our very first Women in RPA honoree!

Elena Christopher is Senior Vice President of Research at HFS Research, which provides companies/enterprises with insights into innovations such as automation, AI and blockchain and how they impact business operations. Elena exemplifies what we had in mind when we launched this initiative – a smart, accomplished woman and out-of-the-box thinker making a difference in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). She’s also a busy mother, avid runner, and sometime-chef who loves to travel (and is confident we all will again soon). Like so many professional women today, she excels in many areas, a talented multitasker who seems to do it all with ease. 

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Women in RPA are Shaping the Future of Work: Talk to Me!

Today is International Women’s Day. As women in technology, we’re part of a burgeoning community succeeding in a dynamic and challenging industry. We’ve chosen today to kick off Kryon’s global Women in RPA campaign to highlight the many accomplished women in our industry. Women are blazing trails in every part of the tech world, and many are leading digital organizational transformation in banking, telecommunications, manufacturing, travel, and countless other industries. 

The equality gap / Closing the gap  
Women in RPA mirror women in other sectors of technology – talented, committed and rising in the ranks but too few in number. The simple fact is we’re still underrepresented, especially the higher we climb.  

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Topics: RPA, Women In Tech, Women in RPA

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